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About Manufacturing Technology Insights

There has been a resurgence in American manufacturing. Workers are now producing 47 percent more than twenty years ago. Through the development of automation, robotics, and advanced manufacturing, the sector has bounced back along with the overall economy. In this competitive era, companies must adapt to customers' evolving interests, such as personalized products, and thus look for a source comprehensively covering growing changes in the industry. Manufacturing Technology Insights focuses on growing trends, consumer demands and several technology solutions that are dramatically affecting the manufacturing arena.

Today, as machines are doing a lot more than sorting and maintenance, manufacturers have a huge opportunity to reinvent themselves and manufacture new products—brining a fresh momentum in the overall product-to-market process. Manufacturing Technology Insights assists key decision makers, including Chief Manufacturing Officers and Inventory Managers, in understanding the fast-changing landscape where robots are getting more sophisticated and becoming adept at performing complex tasks.

With immense industrial experience, Manufacturing Technology Insights helps industrial manufacturers focus their investments towards developing technology platforms and new operating models that can take their organization to new heights and integrate their customers' operations. Manufacturing Technology Insights increases organizational visibility and advises firms on the connectivity tools that can provide insight into production levels, inventory and capacity availability, quality levels, and order status from all their suppliers.

Following a unique learn-from-peer approach, Manufacturing Technology Insights is always looking for industry leaders to share their experiences, wisdom, and advice with our readership.

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