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iniTECH: Catalyzing Lean Manufacturing for Flavors and Fragrances

Rich DiBernardo, CEO, iniTECHRich DiBernardo, CEO
The ever-changing demands of the flavor and fragrance (F&F) industry require agile responses to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Leading F&F manufacturers and small enterprises alike must prepare to manage such dynamic customer expectations. But developing a master plan is only a part of the overall solution; these companies also require the necessary technology to implement their strategies. Helping businesses build their master plan and ensure its effective implementation through cutting-edge technology is where iniTECH cements its cornerstone. The company’s greatest competitive advantage is its deep understanding of the prevalent manufacturing challenges in the F&F sector.

“Our lean manufacturing solutions involve cutting-edge technology and optimized work processes that help our clients automate their product manufacturing facility while completely adhering to industry best practices,” says Rich DiBernardo, CEO of iniTECH. Backed by a unique and innovative team of engineers, consultants, and programmers with F&F industry expertise, iniTECH is also now expanding into the consumer goods and beauty product arenas. iniTECH’s hyper-focused clientele allows them to understand customer processes better and act as a lean-centric engineering firm, all with a focus on developing design-build applications for different retail operations.

Notably, iniTECH’s engineering team has combined their extensive industry know-how and partnered with Lecron in developing BatchMetrics—an innovative manufacturing execution system (MES) specifically designed for the F&F industry. BatchMetrics is more than a software product; it can electronically integrate information from manufacturing environments and creative labs, exponentially improving operational efficiency. Instead of traversing multiple layers of siloed manufacturing functionalities with subpar

interconnectivity, users can leverage BatchMetrics to seamlessly connect the supplier, internal supply chain, and customer in one intuitive system. BatchMetrics is a fully integrated internal supply chain solution comprising digital formulation controls that enable reporting for every touchpoint, from the time a batch is released to its shipment out the door. Unlike other software products that force customers to adapt to pre-defined workflows, BatchMetrics can align with the specific needs of every client.

Our lean manufacturing solution involves cutting-edge technology and optimized work processes that help our clients plan and automate their product manufacturing facility while completely adhering to industry best practices

The capabilities of iniTECH can be best explained through the following case study: a top-10 fragrance house in the U.S. was experiencing back-to-back years of explosive growth and desperately needed to expand its production capacity. The expansion project had been delayed for years over the fear of disrupting existing business needs. iniTECH and its engineers entered the picture to mitigate the issue by creating a plan to develop and implement a fully-automated mixing multi-tank skid. iniTECH built the skid off-site, with the customer able to vet the process at a remote manufacturing location. After completion, the skid was installed and re-tested at the customer’s manufacturing facility over a three-day weekend, eliminating the risk of disrupting regular production activities. When the customer’s personnel returned from their holiday weekend, they were greeted with a fully functional, automated multi-tank skid, which multiplied the fragrance leader’s production capacity and throughput without compromising on day-to-day manufacturing processes.

With success stories like this under its belt, iniTECH is poised to play a crucial role in the F&F industry in the coming months and years. The company is looking at newer market opportunities through partnerships with top technology vendors to strengthen BatchMetrics’ capabilities further. Above all, iniTECH is committed to developing efficient, lean manufacturing services designed to transform the way F&F firms operate.

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Clifton, NJ

Rich DiBernardo, CEO

iniTECH was founded on the idea that it’s better to be the best solutions provider in one market than an average solutions provider in many markets. The company’s greatest strength and competitive advantage is its understanding of the challenges and needs of manufacturing processes in the Flavor and Fragrance industry.