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"The Third Choice"

Jeffrey Jones, Corporate Director-IT, MetalTek International

Revolutionizing Industrial Mining through Smart Tools

Jeff Bauserman, VP-Information Systems & Technology, Alpha Natural Resources

Miners find investment boost in crowdfunding for venture capital

Chad Williams, President and CEO, Klondike Strike

When IoT Meets Mining

When IoT Meets Mining

Sean Dessureault, President, MISOM Technologies

Making the Connection-IoT in Mining

Making the Connection-IoT in Mining

Joe Gladu, Vice President, Symboticware Incorporated

4Must-Have Technologies for Metals & Mining

4Must-Have Technologies for Metals &...

Sharon Gietl, VP-IT & CIO, The Doe Run Company

Issues and Trends in Metals and Mining Industry

Issues and Trends in Metals and Mining...

Supantha Banerjee, VP & CIO, PSC Metals

Establishing a Single Version of the Truth

Damian Brennan, VP-Global Sales, Artco Group International

Small can be Smart(er) too: Steps for SMEs in Manufacturing to win in the Era of Industry 4.0

Cheng Jang Thye, Chief Architect and Head, Digital Experience Center, Fujitsu Singapore