Affolter Announces Brand-New Worm High-speed Manufacturing

Affolter Announces Brand-New Worm High-speed Manufacturing

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, June 07, 2021

SEOUL, KR: Affolter Technologies SA, known for making micro gear hob for the watch-making and micromechanical industries, introduces an innovative new technology “worm high speed manufacturing”.

This technology finishes a high-precision worm in only 6 seconds over worm hobbing technology in which every piece will take 25 seconds.

Automobile and aircraft industries manufacture large quantities of high-precision worms, Affolters’ worm-high speed technology helps in making small worms with module ranging from 0.3 to 1, these small worms find their extensive use in car seats and trunks and other sectors of automotive industries.  

The R&D Department of Affolter has completely remodeled worm high speed manufacturing. Contrary to worm hobbing the new product now has an improved workpiece spindle, the workpiece turns extremely fast, with up to 12,000rpm, while the cutter turns much slower, this technique helps in increasing the efficiency and productivity of manufacturers.

Mr. Affolter, Managing Director says "The new process produces a high level of chips, and the Gear Line was not designed for such a big volume of chips. We are adjusting this to get an ideal coolant and chip disposal solution. The kinematics of the machine will stay the same." 

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