AI gives a new makeover to game graphics

AI gives a new makeover to game graphics

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, April 26, 2019

Revamping the conventions of video game graphics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a significant role in redefining the classics of computer games. The gaming industry employs advanced AI conceptualizations to restructure the graphics research ideas and IT infrastructures to transform the traditional methodologies of gaming applications. With the influence of the recent AI boom, video game companies have realized the capabilities of Machine Learning (ML), which helps in improving the graphics and animations, quality of visuals, audio features and more. Researchers have developed ‘AI upscaling,' an all-new technique to update and upgrade existing gaming experiences.

AI upscaling is an algorithm, which is specially designed to enhance the quality of images by using picture resolution optimization technique; by adding more number of pixels to the existing image, the resolution of the image can be improved. Being entirely driven by data, AI upscaling captures and analyzes the data of the input image, which is mostly a low-resolution image whose quality needs to be increased, by implementing various data learning algorithms. Further with the help of cognitive computing, the algorithm trains the data to produce a new high-quality version of the input image. Along with video game enterprises, media companies also seem to be the prime beneficiaries of this standardized AI upscaling technique.

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The gaming professionals and engineers state that this upscaling method is the fastest process out all the existing technologies in use. However, modders got to do lots of groundwork such as exploring to understand the working principle of the algorithm, choosing the best fit, and check the validity and quality of the obtained results, in order to make the best use of the technique. Emerging as a smart computerized graphic exponent, AI upscaling dramatically improves the speed of video and audio propagation, and thereby, presents the video game lovers with incredible user experiences and quality results. 

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