AR in the Manufacturing Field: Benefits and Opportunities

AR in the Manufacturing Field: Benefits and Opportunities

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, February 07, 2019

AR in the Manufacturing FieldAugmented Reality has become the next big thing as it is changing the dynamics of the market for a better tomorrow. AR has received the attention as it allows the users to lay virtual elements in the natural environment; it is worth the hype. Similarly, AR caters to the manufacturing industry; devices and layouts are augmented with data which assists technical staff to make informed decisions. AR has quickly emerged as a technology in the manufacturing domain illustrating the powerful impact of technology.

Benefits and Opportunities of AR in Manufacturing:

1. Production: Manufacturing sector requires putting together thousands of components in a precise sequence as fast as possible.

2. Quicker and Smarter: By viewing virtual information portrayed onto real-world engineers can perform more quickly. Regarding assembly, engineers can get help from AR applications.

3. Expert: It is always advisable to opt for an AR solution from an expert who is more powerful and intuitive with remote guidance. This makes both the expert and technician to accurately mark up live news and highlight various solutions. This will minimize the lead time.

4. Employee Training: AR can be used to train employees where they can learn complex concepts with the help of vivid representations.

5. Assembly Process: The product assembly process requires the collection of hundreds of parts and with the help of AR this process can be further simplified and made interactive. Lengthy information can be made available in a way that is easy for the employees to comprehend. Step-by-step instructions are delivered via AR headset that further fastens the speed of the process.

6. Machine Maintenance: Manufacturing companies prefer AR for managing and repairing machines and other equipment involved. Technicians and experts can view the entire process while sitting in different environments and guide accordingly; cutting down the travel cost and making the process more convenient.

AR in the manufacturing sector has gained prominence majorly because of its offerings and the way manufacturing tasks are being performed with such efficiency, and it is going to boost the industries.  The technology has already marked its presence in the gaming and entrainment world, and now it has stepped into the manufacturing domain to transform the processes.

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