ClearLink™: a new, EtherNet/IP Motion and I/O Controller – 4...

ClearLink™: a new, EtherNet/IP Motion and I/O Controller – 4 axes for just $249!

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, February 18, 2021

Rochester, NY - Teknic recently launched ClearLink, a Motion and I/O Controller offering users of EtherNet/IP compatible PLCs, such as CompactLogix™, MicroLogix™, and ControlLogix®, a new way to save space, money, and wiring in their automated machinery. ClearLink provides 4 axes of motion control, a serial port, 13 configurable digital & analog I/O points, and expandable I/O for just $249 in single piece quantities. Teknic includes a free, licensed, RSLogix/Studio5000-compatible EDS file with logical names and Add-On-Profiles which allows for easy mapping of I/O assemblies.

Key specifications and benefits of ClearLink include:

• Multi-Axis EtherNet/IP Motion Control: ClearLink provides up to 4 axes of motion control for Teknic’s ClearPath integrated servos, 3rd party stepper drives, or any brushless servo motor with a digital servo drive.

• Robust EtherNet/IP IO Module: ClearLink includes 13 industrially hardened and conditioned 24V I/O points, including digital and analog inputs and outputs. Outputs can directly control a power-off brake or other inductive loads without a separate relay or clamping diode. There’s also a dedicated LED for every I/O point for easy troubleshooting and diagnostics.

• Expandable Output Modules: You can extend your I/O compliment with 8-point I/O expansion modules (CCIO-8) for a total I/O compliment up to 77 I/O points.

• Fast Prototyping via Licensed EDS file: Teknic’s EDS file comes with a Rockwell licensed EDS key, which includes Add-On-Profiles and individual tags in your I/O assemblies to reduce development time. Download the ClearLink EDS file for free.

• Short Lead Time: Teknic ships online ClearLink orders within 3 business days. ClearLink is backed with a 3-year warranty and 90 day money-back guarantee. Order online at:

About Teknic, Inc.

Founded in 1985, Teknic manufactures a wide range of servo motion control components including integrated servo systems, brushless servo motors, servo drives, motion controllers, and power supplies. Teknic designs and manufactures its products in the USA (Victor, New York) and provides factory-direct support to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Contact Teknic at 585-784-7454 to speak directly with a knowledgeable engineer or leave a message online at

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