Datalogic Unveils Matrix 210N to Improve Process Control

Datalogic Unveils Matrix 210N to Improve Process Control

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Datalogic, a producer of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking equipment announces the release of the Matrix 210N, an ultra-compact 2D imager that integrates reading performance and industrial connectivity.

The latest product offers extreme reading performance and integrated Ethernet, Ethernet/IP and PROFINET in an ultra-compact housing. It comes with a WVGA image sensor that is able to capture up to 60 frames per second. The flexible and powerful illuminator offers direct part marked bar code reading capabilities. The decoding libraries running on the hardware platform deliver reading performance and decoding rates that support high system throughput to deliver overall production efficiency.

The read data and captured images are transferred using the on-board Ethernet ports. The captured images can be either saved internally or can be uploaded to external PCs for storage or offline analysis. Compact dimensions with straight or right angle optical options and electronic variable focus option provide contact reading capability and a simple mechanical integration.

The X-PRESS Interface features a five LED bar graph with a multifunction key for immediate access to functions such as Aiming, Setup, Automatic Learning, and Test Mode. The Green Spot that is projected onto the scanned object provides easy and real-time feedback of the reading status without any additional software or accessories.

Matrix 210N provides faster image capture speeds, electronic focus control, and new software features. It is purpose built for factory automation traceability applications and communicates directly with PLCs configured through DL.CODE software thereby eliminating additional converters and complex installation procedures. The On-board image saving and Direct Part Mark Code software features allow product code adaptation to ensure high throughput along with process analytics for smarter production lines. Matrix DL.CODE software provides a new and powerful graphical configuration environment, reducing installation time while increasing productivity.

The product can find application in Electronic and Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage Industries, Chemical & Biomedical Analysis Machines, Access control systems and Print systems. 

“Today’s manufacturing process relies on high performance readers for label and direct part marked codes integrated with communication technology to PLCs, all within a small confined space. The ultra-compact Matrix 210N delivers these features along with leading edge software for improved product line capabilities and process control,” says Alberto Bertomeu, General Manager of the Identification Business Unit, Datalogic.

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