Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence

Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Revolution continues to accelerate, as this new technology is solving critical problems in various domains be it for consumers, businesses or the world at large. It is the next stage of advancement in healthcare, retail and for other countless industries. Sooner or later, almost all sectors will incorporate AI or machine learning so that they can interact with the humans for more convenience.

As AI is growing at a rapid pace the data-sets from which it derives its usefulness also rises, so does the need for the application of ethics. It is the core responsibility of AI algorithms to filter the data and dig out the one which is useful and dismiss the one that is unethical.

Ethics is undoubtedly a considerable concern and has been applied to many areas of learning and industries. For instance, as AI plays a crucial role in determining whether a criminal is guilty or not, it is also used in tracking down the flow of information within an organization and also defines the real intention of the business. Moreover, the dominant computer systems that are powered by AI can be questioned when it comes to making an instant decision which can impact the activity of thousands of users. At times AI doesn’t reveal the private information which is ethical, but it isn’t the correct thing to do always as criminals might hide under some identity and perform unethical tasks.

The enforcement of ethics within a computer program can only be integrated by a programmer or the designer who came up with the AI system. Ethics state that the information used by the AI is free from influence, which implies that AI can take more informed decisions and act according to the users’ expectations.

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For Instance, an online gaming site that is powered by AI will often filter through messages that pass amid the gamers and filters out or sensors the use of bad language that can affect the gaming society in any manner. Here, AI is said to have acted justifiably and ethically which truly benefits the system and also ensures that the community can function without any interruption. An ethical structure ensures an organization that they are working in a reliable environment.

Programs that include AI ethics are friendly and understanding than any other systems in their place and their services to human end-users are genuinely worthy. These programs rely on the customer background data to guide and shield them from inappropriate information thereby helping the children to surf the web safely. Ethically, it is a good practice by AI as it is benefitting the users’ within the same ecosystem and ensuring that everyone is using the technology responsibly. 

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