Future Digital Transformation Trends

Future Digital Transformation Trends

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Digital transformation is no technological change but an organizational shift at the intersection of technology, business and people reflecting countless possibilities. The digital transformation that is going to unfold in 2019 includes

1. Instead of viewing ERP implementation as a way to automate back-office functions more technology innovative organizations will find success by breaking the status quo. As a result, traditional implementations will fade in the coming years.

2. Instead of focusing on the single software solution companies are going to invest in multiple systems for different functions.

3. More companies will be ready to deploy multiple technologies when compared to the past. Previously many companies have jumped into implementing ERP without any clear plan. This implementation readiness stage of the future will build a strong foundation for implementation success.

4. In the coming year, organizations will start to recognize the fact of organizational change investment and invest accordingly. Advances in technology accelerated the complexities involved. In order to succeed in management strategies changes in business process, organizational culture, and the business model is needed. Organizations will continue to consider this as a predictive analysis in the coming years too.

5. The digitized space is becoming more complex from a technical, organizational, and operational perspective. So in future digital strategy will become a prerequisite for the success of digital transformation.

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Most predictions above tend to be optimistic, but there are some negative trends as well. A number of broader trends will unite to increase the failure rate of digitization initiatives. Service providers are spending a disproportionate amount of time trying to sort out the complexities of the new technologies. It makes focus shift from prominent things like change management and process improvement. This has always been a problem in the industry.

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