Honeywell Introduces Spectral HT Fiber for Anglers to Enhance Casting

Honeywell Introduces Spectral HT Fiber for Anglers to Enhance Casting

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, December 03, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Honeywell, a provider of commercial and consumer products, engineering services, and aerospace systems is trying its best to help anglers achieve success in terms of specific fishing lines and equipment by providing them with Spectra HT high tenacity fiber, a new high-strength Spectra fiber and fishing line material.

The Spectral HT fiber delivers 30 percent thinner braids for additional reel capacity and helps anglers to improve their casting. This particular fiber is 80 percent stronger than nylon and 25 percent stronger than the other fibres used in fishing line. This braided fishing line is abrasion-resistant and less visible under water. It is developed with recent technology that is used in making ballistic armor to protect military personnel and police officers.

“With the introduction of spectra HT, Honeywell has set a new standard in braided super-line material. Spectral HT provides higher strength than competitive fibers, enabling fishing-line manufacturers to develop new, thinner fishing-line products that provide features anglers want additional reel capacity, improved casting and lower under water visibility,” says Mark Saholsky, Global Business Manager, Honeywell.

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