How to Improve CNC Machine Maintenance

How to Improve CNC Machine Maintenance

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, February 15, 2022

A consistent CNC machine maintenance checklist can pay big advantages in improved machine reliability, efficiency, and performance.

FREMONT, CA: Cutting-edge technology has improved the potentials of modern machining and metal cutting equipment, allowing it to perform many sophisticated functions. In the modern advanced manufacturing space, customers demand increased customization and shorter lead times, so capitalizing on the latest CNC turning, milling, and grinding machines can help manufacturers offer high-quality complex parts with tight tolerances. While these advanced machines can offer tangible benefits, they can only do so when operating at improved performance. If a machine becomes inoperable or slows down, it can stop production and cost manufacturers dollars in lost productivity and customer loyalty.

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Even the most dependable CNC machinery needs regular servicing and routine care, so it is right to adopt a proactive PM strategy. Rather than managing maintenance reactively, commit to a periodic services plan that guards the investment and mitigate the risk of equipment failure. Routine maintenance should be on the mind who comes in contact with the machines and facility. Supplement the formal PM program with common-sense care of the equipment, including thorough cleaning and lubrication of the machinery, replenishing fluids, replacing normal wear items when worn, and responding to equipment’s error messages.

As prescribed in the equipment’s documentation, Deploying a PM program can remediate small issues before they become big problems and cause machine downtime. With a consistent PM routine, the CNC machines should run seamlessly and at maximum efficiency while avoiding disruptions to the production schedule. Each machine will have acceptable operating conditions, recommended service intervals, and maintenance schedules; this data is included in the operation manuals. Be sure that the operators read the manuals to familiarize themselves with the equipment’s optimum performance specifications, what status messages mean, and needed safety procedures.

At a minimum, the vendor’s service professionals should perform regular PM evaluation to ensure that the device is in tiptop shape – or more often if required. When the CNC machinery doesn’t seem to be running efficiently, a PM or service call can bring it back to full potential.

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