How To Prepare An Organization For Implementing Lean Principles?

How To Prepare An Organization For Implementing Lean Principles?

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, May 10, 2022

A successful Lean implementation demands a thorough understanding of the underlying concepts.

Fremont, CA: Lean has been shown to be an effective management paradigm in some of the most demanding industries, including software development, manufacturing, and construction. A large part of this is due to the methodology's simplicity of implementation and rapid impact when used appropriately.

And while Lean management is founded on the five Lean principles, a manufacturer must prepare their team, department, and even the entire organization for the change before implementing them.

Here’s how to prepare an organization for implementing lean principles:

Set clear objectives

To begin, manufacturers must define their end goal and communicate it to every member of their team. Whatever the objective is, it must be well defined. This way, a manufacturer will be able to share the path to perfection with others, motivate others to join them on the journey, and support them by removing any hurdles that arise along the way.

Establish a lean mindset

After determining the objective of the implementation, manufacturers must instill a Lean attitude in their team. Dealing with the human factor and enlisting everyone's support may prove to be a significant difficulty. That is why, to begin, they must explain Lean to their team members and ensure they grasp its benefits not only from an organizational standpoint but also from a personal one. Once their colleagues get this, they will be more receptive to change.

Start small and find a change agent

An excellent practice is, to begin with a single team and gradually extend Lean practices throughout the organization, eventually transforming it into a Lean organization. When working at the enterprise level, one should construct a temporary pilot group comprised of members of several teams to act as change agents after they return to their original teammates.

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