Impact of Modern Technology Tools to Drive Sustainability Efforts

Impact of Modern Technology Tools to Drive Sustainability Efforts

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Enterprises need to have a firm grip on their triple bottom line that is financial, social, and environmental aspects, in order to be sustainabile. This triple bottom line directly affects aspects like profits, people, and the planet. Businesses are increasingly acknowledging the fact that technology can be utilized to support sustainability initiatives. Let’s discuss the impact of robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT) for enterprises:

Connecting High Tech to Sustainability: Most businesses don’t think of green processes when it comes to sustainability. However, Modern technologies like robotics, cloud services, and IoT can create a secondary sustainability effect, which is more streamlined and greener than the traditional processes.

Robotic Automation for Commercial Cleaning: Smart technologies can efficiently assist with cleaning solutions and equipment, allowing companies to have a higher probability of reaching sustainability goals.  For example, using robotics to automate the cleaning processes can result in reduced waste, better machine fuel consumption and improved outcomes overall. Automating the cleaning processes also eliminates the concern of companies that cleaning systems are used more than necessary. Furthermore, robotic automation also mitigates task completion variability, offering a more predictable result.

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Cloud Connectivity in support of Commercial Cleaning: Cloud-driven tools can offer a full view of operations from a sustainability perspective for facilities management and commercial cleaning companies. These tools gather data on people flow, equipment utilization, consumable replenishment, and resource management, which can be used by automated cleaning devices. The use of IoT devices eliminates the need to have an on-premise technology infrastructure, allowing companies to reduce their carbon footprint. IoT devices also provide a cost-effective solution for organizations to meet their sustainability objectives.

Collaborative Technology: Although the impact of robotics technology to improve sustainability is not yet fully understood, but the early results are highly in the favor that robotics systems can work to improve equipment utilization and increase efficiency. Robotics systems in conjunction with IoT devices and other techniques have provided a detailed list of pain points and requirements for commercial cleaning. 

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