IoT is Transforming the Workplace!

IoT is Transforming the Workplace!

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, July 12, 2019

internet of thingsThe growth witnessed by manufacturing industries after the adoption of IoT in their processes has spurred employers to adopt the technology in workplaces to augment employee experience and drive productivity.

FREMONT, CA: The internet of things (IoT) is a continuously evolving platform that has led to the emergence of the smart house, smart vehicles, smart cities, and so on, all bolstered by the vast network of connected devices. It has greatly enhanced the living conditions, introducing efficiency and sustainability into the routine processes.

IoT technology is also revolutionizing the workplace, augmenting office design, employee experience, creativity, and productivity. The connected devices provide direct control over lighting, temperature, and other conditions. The concept of smart offices is designed to enhance employee experience in the office, enabling them to offer their best and improve productivity.

The adoption of IoT lighting in workplaces can help in creating the optimal conditions for employees. They can use smart apps in their smartphones to brighten or dim the lights. Several sophisticated IoT systems leverage sensors in the lighting fixtures to adjust the brightness throughout the day according to the natural light level. It can also be used to generate diffused light to stimulate creativity. The use of IoT-enabled LED lighting can reduce costs by almost 75 percent.

The smart technologies also facilitate the automation of ambient temperature. The innovative IoT desks utilize sensors that offer users control over the temperature of their immediate surroundings. The IoT sensors track the heat signatures in the building to determine the temperature levels based on occupancy detection and air quality before adjusting the HVAC settings accordingly. It not only provides more control to the individuals but also enables the employers to cut energy costs and contribute to sustainability.

The live mapping enabled by IoT technology utilizes beacons and sensors to aid the users in easily navigating the workplace. It will aid the employees to locate available conference rooms, unoccupied bathrooms, or quiet spaces inside the building. The technology can also be leveraged by real estate professionals in understanding the usage and occupation of spaces.

The integrated workplace platforms enable the organizations to assess the experience, biometrics, and stress levels of employees and take effective measures to improve productivity. Actionable insights will empower them to deliver training to enhance performance. IoT has achieved significant improvements in the manufacturing industry and is now curving toward office applications. Judging from the results of IoT incorporation, there is no doubt regarding its significance in terms of experience as well as productivity.

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