MachineShop Offers Advanced Remote Configuration of IoT Devices...

MachineShop Offers Advanced Remote Configuration of IoT Devices with Latest Enhancements

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

LAS VEGAS, NV: MachineShop, a provider of industrial IoT solutions, boosts its EDGE intelligence offering with latest enhancements including out-of-the-box cellular connectivity.

EDGE intelligence is crafted to run on micro-processor based hardware architectures such as embedded Linux with small memory footprint, users can implement data collection and management capabilities, API management, generic storage, event notification and a firmware update. The company’s purpose-built configuration enables organizations to operate an embedded appliance with limited memory and processor capabilities.

The latest enhancements offer a Flexible Device configuration for users to leverage APIs and web portal to remotely configure, send and receive information from various devices and manufacturers that are connected to cloud via Intelligent Gateway and an out of box cellular connectivity that support automatic configuration of various cellular modem modules directly from web configuration interface.

It also facilitates remote device monitoring to configure IoT devices’ information through APIs and portal application and configurable reporting template for a simplified configuration of devices that accepts commands using a delimited string. The template can be configured by a simple RESTful API call to the Gateway.

“IoT is not just about building a pipe between things and the cloud. To monetize mission-critical solutions, enterprises need to access and act upon the right data at the right time for the right people,” says Michael Campbell, CEO, MachineShop. “Our EDGE computing capabilities were created in response to customers and partners who needed to ingest and process at the edge where the data that was most meaningful to them.”

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