nScrypt Partners With ANI Motion for Manufacturing & Sales in Asia

nScrypt Partners With ANI Motion for Manufacturing & Sales in Asia

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Orlando, FL: nScrypt has signed a distribution and OEM agreement with the South Korean company ANI Motion. Under the agreement, ANI Motion will have the exclusive right to sell nScrypt high-precision 3D manufacturing and biomanufacturing systems in Korea, and nonexclusive sales rights throughout the remainder of Asia. ANI Motion will also manufacture nScrypt systems for sale in Asia, using tool heads provided by nScrypt and manufactured in Orlando, Florida. For example, nScrypt will provide its SmartPumpTM microdispensing tool head, material extrusion tool head, milling/drilling/polishing tool head, and pick and place tool head, which ANI Motion will integrate into high-precision motion platforms built by ANI Motion according to nScrypt’s specifications.

ANI Motion is located in Seoul, S. Korea, and has a factory in Incheon. It is a joint venture company with high-performance motion control company Aerotech. Like nScrypt, which makes 3D manufacturing and biomanufacturing systems and has its Sciperio research arm, ANI Motion manufactures capital equipment and has a technical research arm. Also, like nScrypt, ANI Motion manufactures house-designed equipment, such as its UV laser drilling and cutting systems. ANI Motion also distributes Aerotech super-precision motion platforms and makes other types of equipment as an OEM, for example, automatic optic inspection systems.

According to Dr. Ken Church, CEO of nScrypt:

We are excited about partnering with ANI Motion for distribution and manufacturing in Asia. We are confident that ANI Motion has a similar vision as nScrypt: high-precision digital manufacturing using our 3D manufacturing systems, which can make products, not just parts, like fully functioning electronic devices. We expect this arrangement substantially to expand our footprint in Asiaand to help move both companies and the digital manufacturing industry to the next level.

ANI Motion’s CEO, Tony Shin, says:

I feel really lucky to start a collaborative business relationship with nScrypt, which has full and world-top level of technology and product supply capacity in the field of high-precision micro-dispensing, 3D Manufacturing, and biomanufacturing equipment.

Making the best use of our business networks in Korea and many Asian countries we have built so far and our technical skills and manufacturing and supply capacity of high-precision micro-processing laser machine we developed ourselves, we are confident that both companies will definitely make successful accomplishments before long.

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