Teknic's New I/O and Motion Controller - 4 Axes control for only $99

Teknic's New I/O and Motion Controller - 4 Axes control for only $99

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Rochester, NY - Teknic recently launched ClearCore, a low-cost, multi-axis, motion and industrial I/O controller offering OEMs a new way to save space, money and wiring in their automated machinery. ClearCore provides 4 axes of motion control, Ethernet, serial, USB, and wireless expandability along with 13 configurable digital & analog I/O points. By registering their application with Teknic, OEM machine builders can lock in the single-piece $99 pricing.

Early customer reviews are positive:

• “The ClearCore controller is an exceptionally beautiful piece and a joy to work with. Absolutely brilliant product. Well documented, well designed, easy to use and highly versatile.”

• “Their IO controllers were also a great find and they have replaced the PLCs we were using.”

• “The Clear Core Controller itself is an amazing design and everything we could have hoped for.”

Key specifications and benefits of ClearCore include:

• Hardware includes a powerful 32-bit, floating point ARM Cortex-M4 processor, 192k local RAM, 512k Flash, interrupt handler, and an onboard SD Card interface for storage expansion.

• ClearCore provides up to 4 axes of motion control for Teknic’s ClearPath integrated servos, 3rd party stepper drives, or any brushless servo motor with a digital servo drive.

• ClearCore includes 13 industrially hardened and electrically conditioned, 24V I/O points, including digital and analog inputs and outputs. Extend your I/O compliment with 8-point I/O expansion modules (CCIO-8) for a total I/O compliment of 73 I/O points.

• Compatible with XBee modules for peer-to-peer wireless communications such as WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, DigiMesh, 802.15.4, and others.

• A rich C++ library & software API including more than 40 extensively commented example projects ensures ease-of-use and accelerates your development cycle. Advanced debugging via the Atmel IDE and in-circuit emulator enables the serious programmer to step through code, set breakpoints, evaluate expressions, watch variables, and much more.

• All source code is available for download, at no cost, under an open-source, copy-right, MIT license.

• For rapid software prototyping, install the optional but free Arduino wrapper library to easily create programs within the simple and popular Arduino IDE.

• ClearCore can be ordered online at https://www.teknic.com/products/io-motion-controller/clcr-4-13/. Each unit ships within 3 business days and comes with a 3-year warranty and a 90 day money-back guarantee.

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