The ID Factory: The Concept of Smart Working Platform Offered for Free

The ID Factory: The Concept of Smart Working Platform Offered for Free

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The ID Factory is a Company, based in Italy, established in 2015.

The company has been founded with the purpose to bring Traceability as a driver within the leather industry and to solve problems related to trace leather batches and relative chemical test reports along Brands supply chain.

During the first year we have been cooperating with 20 tanneries, located in Europe, and Asia and 2 European Brands.

Starting 2016 we have been developing a brand new platform in order to expand traceability data along the whole manufacturing process (Materials and Products), always based on out traceability system but expanding (from original purpose mainly related to RSL issues) our vision to a more comprehensive set of tool to collect and structure all data produced by the leather supply chain (Tannery to Factory and Brands).

Today, we are active mainly on the leather downstream value chain, but we have been expanding our traceability system to all materials.

Actually, our portfolio is composed by:

• Tanneries: 93, based in EU 43%, South America 4%, India 21%, rest of Asia 32%

• Brands: 15

• Factories: 122, over 95% based in Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Myammar, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh)

• Outsole and Components vendors: 43, based in India 48%, Vietnam 29%, China 19%, Myanmar 3%, EU 1%

•Other material Vendors: 77, based in China 84%, EU 14%, 2% Vietnam

Anyone, using The ID Factory platform, shall access to supply chain data in real time: no software or any plug in is needed, making our platform a perfect tool for remote (Smart) Working.

Coming to today, our industry is almost stopped all over the world (Italy, India, slowly recovering on rest of the countries but struggling form lack of orders), so, in order to help and facilitate the re-start we are offering the use of our platform for free for 6 months after the activation.

We will be providing a lite version, in order to be able to react in a very short time-frame and set the platform along supplychain in less than 7 days, making it works the day after (8th).

It is our call to action, our mission to pursue till the end of 2020.

The ID Factory life stands where leather and its value chain is.

The ID Factory Crew, a step ahead of your needs.

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