What Does the Future of the Tire Industry Look Like?

What Does the Future of the Tire Industry Look Like?

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are making groundbreaking changes along with robotics in the tire manufacturing sector.

FREMONT, CA: It is estimated by the manufacturing market researchers that the innovation in manufacturing will become similar to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and robotics, will have an immense impact on the production processes, which might even lead to job losses. There is no doubt that the consequences can be groundbreaking, but it is not necessary that it only has to be negative. 

The Transition of Jobs

There is no doubt that these advanced technologies can put some jobs in danger, but most likely, the 4IR will produce more jobs than destroy it. However, the jobs provided will be of different types, and the trick to accomplishing them will be to make strategies that can assist the existing workforce in making the transition. It is significant to recognize the ones who can quickly get accustomed to the liquid workforce.  

Top 10 Rubber and Tire Tech Solution Companies - 2020It will be challenging for the employees in the production lines to work along with robots and manage them too. 

Technology and Innovation with AI

It will be thrilling to watch the impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence while designing and producing new products when combined with the extensive range of potentials that this sophisticated robotics will come up with. The R&D teams of tire manufacturers are continually working with the latest ideas that can work efficiently with the rising 4IR technologies. However, there is no doubt that the initiatives taken for the present innovation will gain strength. 

Innovations in the Pipeline

The primary difficulty is to design the tire and then produce them so that they are suitable for various driving conditions. Significantly, the tire has to get accustomed to every weather condition, so the designers have to make this their mission. 

Another objective of the designer is to achieve a low rolling resistance tire because it is more efficient as it needs less energy to the role. These types of tires are already available in the market, but the tire companies have to ensure that they reduce energy so that it can boost sustainability.  

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