Why is the Digital Twin Significant for Manufacturers?

Why is the Digital Twin Significant for Manufacturers?

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Manufacturers are using digital twin so that they can complement their business operation and remain competitive.

FREMONT, CA: Industry 4.0 has been trending for a long time now because the demand for smart manufacturing technologies is increasing rapidly. The manufacturer may feel intimidated by the new concepts, but there is no need to worry. However, there are also manufacturing technologies that have been practically used for several years, and the concept of Industry 4.0 is to support them with better-informed data and efficiency. Digital twins are also other manufacturing technologies that can be utilized for enhancing the operations. 

What is the Digital Twin?

The digital twin can be defined as the digital replica of the physical asset, and this can be any standard hardware that is available on the factory floor. The device consists of smart machines, a work cell, a manufacturing line, heavy equipment, a robot, or an inspection station. The physical twin can be anything that offers data to the digital twin while they are interpreting. The connection between the physical and digital can develop a cyber-physical system, and the data flows through and notifies the process. However, the concept of a digital twin can be divided into three parts.  Top 10 Smart Factory Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

• A digital/virtual product

• Connections between the two products

• A physical product

At work, the digital twin is a better example of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). However, this latest concept has outdated the term Internet of Things. Moreover, connecting among the physical and digital twins can develop a cyber-physical system that offers real-time performance data to the analysts, managers, and operators. 

The groups and people that are gratifying the role in an organization can enjoy the advantages provided by Industry 4.0 concept. This will allow them to interpret and analyze the data so that they can make accurate predictions and take proper actions. The system also looks after the maintenance by supporting various types of maintenance required to continue efficient operations. 

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