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Comprehensive ERP Platform to Enhance End-to-end Manufacturing Operations

Comprehensive ERP Platform to Enhance...

Subramanyam SP, Founder and CEO,infionic

Skyland Analytics, Inc.: A Leader in Enterprise Risk Management and Manufacturing Informatics Services

Skyland Analytics, Inc.: A Leader in...

Robert M. Di Scipio, CEO,Skyland Analytics, Inc

Sparton Solutions: Turning Complexity into Opportunities

Sparton Solutions: Turning Complexity...

Cary Wood, President & CEO,Sparton Solutions

MPDV USA: Defining Industry 4.0 with Integrated Shop Floor

Prof. Dr.-Ing Jürgen Kletti, CEO,MPDV USA

MPDV USA: Integrated MES for Advanced Analytics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Kletti, Founder & CEO,MPDV USA

MPDV: Recoding the Way MES Works

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Juergen Kletti, CEO,MPDV

Rockwell Automation [NYSE: ROK]: Fuelling an Era of Smart Manufacturing

Rockwell Automation [NYSE: ROK]:...

Blake D. Moret President & CEO,Rockwell Automation

EPPS Infotech: Intelligent ERP for Streamlined Manufacturing

EPPS Infotech: Intelligent ERP for...

Asheer Kapoor, Managing Director,EPPS Infotech

Technology Trends and Issues in Textile Marketing

Technology Trends and Issues in Textile...

Tekin Gulsen, Global IT & Corporate Planning Director, Kordsa Global