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The Potential of Aerospace Industry
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More aerospace organizations are now exploring automation in the form of collaborative robotic (cobot) and machine-integrated robotic technology. Cobots are ideal as they facilitate operators to step in, scrutinize, and verify the grinding...

Motion Control Systems: What CIOs need to Know?
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The motion control market is to reach $22.84 billion by 2022. The core driver of the growth is the metal and machinery manufacturing industry because industry players are working toward enhancing accuracy, speed, and production. FREMONT, CA:...

Staying Ahead of Schedule: How Tail Planning Can Enhance MRO & Fleet Management for Airlines
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Kevin Deal, VP, North America, Aerospace & Defense, IFS

Commercial aviation market figures are staggering. In its current outlook, Boeing predicts orders for nearly 40,000 new aircraft over the next 20 years valued at $5.9 trillion. Much of the boom in passenger demand and fleet expansion is being...

Maintaining Initiative, Agility and Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty
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Tate Nurkin, Senior Director, Strategic Assessments and Future Studies, IHS Aerospace, Defense & Security

The aerospace and defense market is one marked increasingly by complexity, uncertainty and a persistent vulnerability to fast-moving and trajectory altering disruptions that are straining both the operational resilience and strategic imagination...

Resources, People, and Innovation: Driving Business Growth in Aerospace and Defense
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Magnus Bjorendahl, VP-Aerospace and Defense, SAP

Regardless of the industry, there are a variety of technological, demographic and economic factors driving an unprecedented era of change for today’s businesses. The “always on,” hyper-connected customer often uses more...

Embracing the Connected Aircraft to Revolutionize the Aerospace Industry
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Kristin Slyker, VP, Connected Aircraft, Honeywell Aerospace

The aerospace industry is in the midst of a digital transformation that will change the flying experience for millions of people across the globe. We no longer have to be disconnected from the rest of the world when we’re soaring across...

Agile Manufacturing and Robotics: An Inside Look to the Future of Aerospace Assembly
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Ted Freeman, Director of Manufacturing, Vertex Aerospace

As a young boy growing up, I always asked my father about how different things were made. This was a nightly ritual of both genuine interests, but also a stalling tactic we both recognized. Whether that night’s inquiry on how some item was...

The Airport As the New Digital Marketplace -5 Steps Airports Must Take
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Justin Erbacci, Chief Operating Officer, Los Angeles World Airports

Long gone are the days of airports offering the basics: ticket counters; a place to sit; coffee and a newspaper while you wait for your plane. Travelers today expect an elevated experience across all the touch points in their journey, from the...

AS9100 & The Supply Chain
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Michael Deitrick, Director Of Quality, Sonfarrel Aerospace LLC

After just completing two consecutive AS9100D re-certification audits as the Director of Quality at Sonfarrel Aerospace, I have garnered great respect for the standard that guides our industry. Since 1999, AS9100 has helped give companies the...

Tips to Boost Manufacturing Process for Aerospace and Defense 4.0
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Fourth industrial revolution will improve the manufacturing performance and will prove beneficial for the A&D industry. FREMONT, CA: Industry 4.0 technologies could be the key to unlocking future competitiveness in the case of aerospace and...

Consumerization of IT: Making IT Pervasive
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Lorenzo Tanganelli, CIO, Avio Aero, GE Aviation

Challenges in technology to meet Aerospace and Defense  needs in 2014 and expectations Compliance always remains my number one priority, especially in a regulated industry like Aerospace and Defense. In particular I am looking forward to...

Translate Anticipatory Thinking into Effective Strategic Initiatives
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Ken Bell, SVP & CIO, Orbital Sciences Corporation

Practically speaking, we really can’t wait around for “wwws” to give us Internet privacy and secure enterprise operations so I have high hopes for the technology market delivering things like “intrusion deception”,...

Digital, Secure, Affordable: Pick Three
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Willie Krenz, SVP & Chief Velocity Officer, The Aerospace Corporation

One of the great challenges in IT systems engineering is trying to simultaneously achieve constraints that are constantly in tension with each other. My company, The Aerospace Corporation, operates a mid-sized federally-funded research and...

Oerlikon AM to Offer Additive Manufacturing Solutions in Partnership with MT Aerospace
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Kartik Rao, Head of Marketing

Oerlikon AM and MT Aerospace collaborate to equip customers with efficient and effective aerospace applications. FREMONT, CA: In the field of aerospace, the lack of expertise in handling disruptive complexities leads to the innovative...

Airlifting the Aerospace Arena with Technology and People
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Willie Krenz, CIO, The Aerospace Corporation

I said for quite a while that Aerospace would be one the last companies to embrace the use of cloud computing due to the security requirements. The benefits, particularly for a company of our size and geographic diversity, have been clear for...

Rethinking Manufacturing with the Digital Factory
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Menno Ellis, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Plastics, 3D Systems

With the advent of 3D printing, the manufacturing industry embarked on another industrial revolution. We’ve seen tremendous opportunities for additive technologies to complement traditional technologies, enabling manufacturers to transform...

The New Era of Unmanned Aircrafts: Drones
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Chris Proudlove, SVP, Global Aerospace

As we enter 2018, the drone operating industry is settling into three categories, each trying to make their way through a set of rules that, although permissive for line-of-sight operations, limits what many companies hope to achieve with the...

The Inflight Connectivity Conundrum
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Chris Moore, EVP & CIO, Sun Country Airlines

While on an Alitalia flight from New York to Rome last month, I decided to take a break from my grinding, persistent insomnia (I cannot sleep on planes for whatever reason) to check out the in-flight connectivity offerings. At that point, in the...

Revenue Ready for Takeoff
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Thomas J. Marano, President, Air Serv Corporation, an ABM Company

Walk through any airport and you will see a common sight–travellers juggle luggage in tow with cell phones, tablets and other devices in hand. Travellers are more technologically adept than ever, demanding better, faster and more...

Protecting the Defense Industrial Base from Cyber-attack
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Ted Bujewski, Associate Director, Office of Small Business Programs Department of Defense

Advances in Information technology in areas such as robotics, communication, and manufacturing are critical to U.S. technological superiority on the battlefield and provide great gains in U.S. productivity. However our reliance on information...