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3D Printing Process in Implanting Human Ligaments
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The idea of applying 3D printing has impacted the health care industry in a remarkable way. Emerging applications of 3D bioprinting ends the waiting for an alternative of organ transplant. Innovations span from bioprinting of cells deposited into...

Machine Learning Leverages IoT Technology to Deliver Personalized Impressions
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Mark Boidman, MD & Head of Media Services, PJ SOLOMON

Out of Home media operators and in-store media owners can now integrate Internet of Things (IoT) enabled sensors into their displays to deliver contextually relevant messages. For example, a temperature sensor can signal a content management...

AR/VR: Planning for the Unplannable
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Scott Sackville, Product Marketing Director, AR/VR, Jabil Green Point

Jabil Surveys Technology Leaders on How they’re Preparing for the Future of AR/VR No longer the stuff of science fiction augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) are rapidly expanding their foothold in the real world with the release of...

How the Skills Gap can be a Key Driver for Intelligent Manufacturing
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Sean Holt, President, Sandvik Coromant, Sales Area Americas

Anyone who works in manufacturing is acutely aware that finding employees with the right technical skills and production engineering knowledge is a continual and growing challenge. The lack of availability of technically competent individuals is...

Robotic Appliances- How a new generation of user friendly automation will change Manufacturing and Logistics
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Harsha Prahlad, CEO & Co-founder, Grabit Inc.

Let’s glimpse into the work lives of several people: • Mr. Smith is an operations executive at a global consumer brand. His manufacturing processes are labor intensive, and labor costs have been steadily climbing worldwide. He...

Enhancing Workflow Management in Media
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Andre Mendes, CIO & CTO, US Broadcasting Board of Governors

Evolution of Workflow In the not too distant past, there was a dependence on physical media like videotapes and DVDs, but today, content acquisition, content manipulation, content packaging and delivery are executed in a seamless manner where...

IoT: Connecting the World
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Mohamad Nasser, Sr. Director and General Manager of IoT and M2M, Sprint

Truly we are living in exciting times. Not since the advent of cellular technology in the world of telecommunications, have I seen such excitement. All of this is driven by innovation around the promise of a connected world where machines and...

The Shaping of Manufacturing Technology
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Regina Salazar, Regional CIO, GPO, Whirlpool Corporation [NYSE:WHR]

How has Cloud Computing/Big Data/Networking/ Mobility/SaaS/New Technologies affected the Manufacturing industry? Cloud Computing and Big Data are some of the key infrastructure components that enabled the Internet of Things—which in turn,...

IoT Implementation in Manufacturing All Set to Grow Exponentially by 2020
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FREMONT, CA: With organizations inclining more towards adoption of IoT solutions for smart manufacturing along with improved security and reliability, the Internet of Things (IoT) in global manufacturing market size is expected to grow from...

With Eye on Smart Manufacturing, Rockwell Automation Introduces New IIoT-driven Solutions
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FREMONT, CA: Rockwell Automation, an industrial automation company, expands its next-generation Integrated Architecture portfolio to help users leverage the value of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and take a step forward in making the vision...

How The Cloud Enabled Acquisition Hyper Growth
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Janet DeBerardinis, CIO, Caliber Collision Centers

Business problem—growth through acquisition. Objective—acquire 50 to 100 locations per year. Requirement—on day one of an acquisition fully integrate financials and provide full visibility into center level performance. When...

AIMMS: Self-Service Supply Chain Analytics
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Chris Gordon, VP, Product Management

A software platform provider democratizing the use of supply chain analytics

Artsyl Technologies: Improving Operations with Digital Transformation and AP Automation
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Jeffrey Moore, Chief Sales Officer & Partner

The company develops and offers a business process transformation platform for data and documents collection, automation, and analysis services

AscentERP: Unlocking the True Power of ERP
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Akbar Rafiuddin, Co-Founder & CTO

AscentERP, with the Salesforce platform, provides an environment of collaboration, creating greater enterprise responsiveness, agility, and speed

EOS: Surmounting Material and Design Challenges
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Güngör Kara, Director of Global Application and Consulting

Additive Minds offers high-end services in Additive Manufacturing (AM)

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