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Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence Revolution continues to accelerate, as this new technology is solving critical problems in various domains be it for consumers, businesses or the world at large. It is the next stage of advancement in healthcare,...

Fundamentals to Achieve Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Industry
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Digital transformation has now become the need of the era for all sectors and majorly for the manufacturing industries to sell service and innovate more effectively. There are various factors that play important role in transforming the business...

How are Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning Complementing ERP?
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Artificial Intelligence is disrupting various industries and is swiftly changing our lives over the last few years. From Siri to Amazon’s Echo, we have moved forward with accepting technologies. Enterprises are recognizing the significance...

What Future Holds for IoT, Cloud, and AI
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Many new technologies have surfaced over the years that have made their marks on information technology (IT) services. Technologies like IoT, Cloud computing, and artificial intelligence have changed the way organizations work in their day-to-day...

Future adoption of AI in ERP
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Finance, human resource, Manufacturing, supply chain, services etc are considered the core processes needed to run a company. The process integration of these sections is made possible with Enterprise resource planning(ERP). They use the latest...

Artificial Intelligence Explained.... with Cats and Dogs...
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Richard Bradley, Director, Digital Supply Networks, Deloitte

Artificial Intelligence is, at its heart, the discipline of building machines that think like humans in particular the development and display of learning and problem solving capabilities. There are hundreds of articles out there that talk...

Deploying AI and Deep Learning Technologies in Healthcare
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AI has become a common buzzword in any industry and with new developments and advancements every day. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its applications are increasingly finding its footing in the healthcare industry. Many of the digital health...

How Secure is The Internet of Things?
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Keith Moore, Senior Product Manager, SparkCognition

The Internet of Things is changing the world. Everything is connected, and the amount of data available for consumption is growing exponentially. From a technologist’s view, this is an exciting opportunity. From a network...

Eliminating Unconscious Biases from Artificial Intelligence
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Productivity and innovation in the manufacturing sector is a multi-faceted challenge, but the appropriate use of technology certainly supports the efforts. IoT, big data, automation, additive manufacturing, virtual and augmented reality are...

4 Ways Technology is Revolutionizing the Warehouse
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Michael Schoenfeld, SVP, Head of Contract Logistics USA, DB Schenker

With warehouse efficiency being so closely tied to customer satisfaction for retailers, e-commerce shippers, and many other enterprises, we’re seeing a growing number of companies and logistics providers integrating, existing, and emerging...

Simplify Supply Chain with Technology
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Stuart Scott, EVP and CIO, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. [NASDAQ: JBHT]

Internet of Things (IoT) for Logistics and Supply Chain Industry According to research and advisory firm Gartner, five billion devices are connected to the internet today. By the year 2020, that number is projected to grow to twenty billion....

Will Robots Replace the Manufacturing Jobs?
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With the gradual dominance of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, headlines predict the end of manufacturing jobs as the human workers will become obsolete. With robots as factory workers, making tea for you, doing all the household chores and...

AI - Changing the Face of the Manufacturing Industry
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Artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated into nearly every field of work, and the manufacturing industry is the most recent to be on the brink of a significant breakthrough, led by AI. The disruption is going to not only change the way...

Disruption in the Food & Beverage Industry
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Andria Long, VP Innovation & Consumer Insights, Johnsonville Sausage

In today’s “VUCA world”—a world that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous—anticipating what will be the next major disruption to your industry can seem difficult, if not impossible. And while some...

Smart Manufacturing: the trending AI
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is by no means an alien concept. It has been around for a while now. With the potential to enhance human capabilities, AI can streamline the somewhat anarchic business arena. Recent developments made in the...

Convergence: Big Data + IoT + Artificial Intelligence = Your Time Has Come
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Marian F. Cook, Chief Strategy Officer, State of Illinois

The combination of Internet of Things (IoT), the big data it creates, and the ability to make sense of it via Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at a tipping point. AI has been in our imagination for at least the last 50 years. Many science...

Artificial Intelligence in Higher-Education
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Christopher Harrison, CTO, Nova Southeastern University

Over the last few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gaining momentum across all industries and all spectrums of the world from consumer solutions such as Siri and Alexa leveraging Machine Learning to disruptive technologies such as Uber...

Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence-A Value Proposition Primer for CIOs
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Sammy Amirghodsi, Vice President, Data Management, OCC (Options Clearing Corporation)

With increased focus on robotic process automation (RPA) to automate mundane and repetitive tasks, the next evolution in cognitive automation is now underway. Chief Information Officers (CIO) are evaluating and deploying second generation...

A Digital Experience Steering the Future of Automotive Industry
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Sherry Aaholm, VP & CIO, Cummins [NYSE:CMI]

Enhancing Flexibility through Cloud Computing When looking at the benefits of cloud computing, you have to start with customer satisfaction. Customers are demanding high levels of services in return for their loyalty. By entering this new era...

Blockchain, Robotics & Machine Learning-Next Big Trends of 2018
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According to IT service provider Dimension Data, the technologies that will reshape digital business next year are blockchain, robotics and machine learning. Owing to security reasons, blockchain is the frontrunner in the technologies list as the...

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