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Paper and Packaging Industry: Staying Relevant in the Digital World
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In its robust state, packaging can progress by leveraging innovations like artificial intelligence and Augmented Reality (AR). Another game-changer when it comes to perking up the process automation is machine learning, which also helps in...

Lookout For These Tech Advancements in Manufacturing
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When the technology keeps advancing, what will you be looking forward to? Internet of Things, nanotechnology, 3D printing, simulation technologies are some technology trends in the production and manufacturing industry to watch for. FREMONT,...

The evolution of the Smart Factory
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Hector Barresi, Director - Industrial Automation Business, IMI Precision Engineering

When Charles Chaplin filmed Modern Times back in 1936, he brilliantly portrayed the revolutionary “efficiencies” of modern industrialization that characterized the Industry 2.0 era. The use of electricity, mass manufacturing,...

AR and VR: Trailblazing Modern Manufacturing!
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The theory of AR tech sounds like a sci-fi movie, but this is the reality we live in where AR is modifying the manufacturing.     FREMONT, CA: Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are in the same vein, creating...

The Defense Industry-A Microcosm of the Burgeoning App Economy
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Terry Hughes, MD & SVP, AppCarousel

Several companies are heeding the call to create apps for niche markets in the military, and with more government agencies allowing funds to go toward the creation and adoption of the apps; it’s only a matter of time before all of our...

Reality Technologies Gains Traction, The Future of Manufacturing is Already Here!
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The total number of active reality technology users worldwide is forecast to be around 171 million as of 2018. As digitalization progresses, Augmented Reality (AR)and Virtual Reality (VR) are among the technologies with the most significant...

Leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) to Create Smart Working Environments
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Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the main actors of the new tech revolution, industry 4.0. Creating a technology-enriched reality by appending the natural environ with computer-simulated perceptual data forms such as audio, video, and graphics, AR...

How Is 5G Contributing to the Manufacturing Domain?
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In this fast-paced world, consumers are demanding new gadgets that have the latest features and can deliver the most immediate service. But how will manufacturing firms keep pace with this growing demand and rising competition to produce these...

Augmented Reality: A Technological Benefit to the Industrial Maintenance
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Technology is ever growing digital world where virtual breathes life with innovations and applications. To bring such achievement, the ideas are augmented seamlessly into the physical world. Reality is given a new face where it can help the...

AR in the Manufacturing Field: Benefits and Opportunities
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Augmented Reality has become the next big thing as it is changing the dynamics of the market for a better tomorrow. AR has received the attention as it allows the users to lay virtual elements in the natural environment; it is worth the hype....

Giving Human Relevance to Digital Transformation
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Alba Contreras Rodriguez, President, FonS (Focus on Solution), LLC

Digital transformation does not start with technology, but with the people and processes it enables. Envision the enormous possibilities and high impact that digital transformation can have in the production process by enabling you and your...

Augmented Reality to Transform Field Service Industry
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Field service industry has turned its focus on Augmented Reality (AR) to drive business innovation. With the ability to assist workers in enhancing their productivity, AR is likely to play a significant role in the field service industry in the...

Technologies that will Transform Business: AR and VR
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The regular use of artificial intelligence (AI) shows how quickly new technology becomes an integral part of everyday life. We can expect the same to happen with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Every company needs long-standing...

Augmented Reality: Breaking New Ground in Manufacturing
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Today, the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) has changed the way manufacturers are managing their work. AR has started to disrupt the industrial manufacturing plant floor, boosting operational proficiency by decreasing production downtime,...

Make Manufacturing Cool Again
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Oliver Perez, EMI Manufacturing Technology Director, BD

Moving out of the Industrial Revolution, the mental image of Manufacturing was a cluttered shop floor with large machines and people in greasy overalls working around them. The machine production replaced craftsmanship and large factories were...

Ever-Changing Landscape of ERP
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Jeff Wagaman, VP, Enterprise Solutions & Executive CIO, Smiths Medical [LON:SMIN]

The Upswing of Cloud Cloud computing will play a significant role over the next 5-10 years for the companies that have deployed an ERP. Both SAP and Oracle have openly stated their strategic direction is to focus on Cloud. R&D investment...

Transforming Training with Augmented Reality
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Paul Ryznar, President and Founder, OPS Solutions

Augmented reality-based systems and technologies are designed to provide manufacturing professionals with interactive and intuitive hands-on real-time guidance. Unlike traditional paper or monitor-based work instructions, augmented reality is...

Technology Inclusions for Your Manufacturing Toolbox
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Paul Susalla, Corporate Manufacturing Technology Advancement Director, Parker Hannifin Corporation [NYSE: PH]

This is a very exciting time to be in Manufacturing! Manufacturing Engineers’ toolboxes are expanding everyday with new technologies and possibilities for greater efficiency and capability. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or what some are...

Developing Your Digital Manufacturing Strategy
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Larry Megan, Director, Linde [NYSE:LIN]

A recent Gartner survey (reference below) identified “Digital Initiatives” as the top CIO priority for 2019, tied with Revenue Growth and ahead of other items including Operational Excellence, Customer Experience and Cost Reduction. Of...

How To Impact Business Outcomes Through Digitalization
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Kaveh Pourteymour, CIO, Neptune Energy Group

The goal of digitalization at Neptune is simple: it’s how, through technology and digitization, you can enable an E&P organization to be safer and more responsible, ensure that production efficiency and growth is optimized and fast-track...
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