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IoT Innovation Is the Game Changer for Automotive Industry
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The automotive industry has been around for a long time now and has evolved ever since, but the major transformation that is supposed to happen is the vehicles driven by humans to the self-driving automobile industry. The driving force behind this...

Addressing Engineering Challenges of Increasingly Complex Automobiles
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Sandeep Sovani, Global Director-Automotive Industry, ANSYS

Three key changes in automotive engineering are transforming cars into complex electronic machines than mechanical machines. From an engineering perspective, this means that virtually every part of the car is undergoing major redesign. For...

A Digital Experience Steering the Future of Automotive Industry
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Sherry Aaholm, VP & CIO, Cummins [NYSE:CMI]

Enhancing Flexibility through Cloud Computing When looking at the benefits of cloud computing, you have to start with customer satisfaction. Customers are demanding high levels of services in return for their loyalty. By entering this new era...

Empowering Automotive Manufacturers with Digitalization
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Martin Weidlich, EVP, North America, BENTELER Group

Cloud Computing and Automotive Industry: The Inseparable Allies We want to be leading in smart manufacturing within our peer group. Our goal is to combine the real business and the digital world so that we support our customers best,...

Automotive Connectivity Innovations Require a New Approach to Cybersecurity
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Tim Frasier, Regional President, Automotive Electronics, Robert Bosch LLC

From the way vehicles are manufactured, to the way they interact with passengers and the road, processes that have remained largely unchanged since the early 1900s will be revolutionized through connectivity. This continued development will have a...

The Shaping of Manufacturing Technology
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Regina Salazar, Regional CIO, GPO, Whirlpool Corporation [NYSE:WHR]

How has Cloud Computing/Big Data/Networking/ Mobility/SaaS/New Technologies affected the Manufacturing industry? Cloud Computing and Big Data are some of the key infrastructure components that enabled the Internet of Things—which in turn,...

Digital Transformation, Disruption and New Business Models - HO HUM!!! Don't forget the customer!
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Larry Stolle, Global Automotive Marketing Director, SAP

The automotive industry from manufacturers, suppliers and sales and service organizations have been talking about digital transformation, new business models for several years, all driven by the pervasive and still growing power of sensors, the...

Normalizing Dealer's Data
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Sherif Jitan, CIO, Pearl Technology Holdings

Automotive companies have lots of information but can’t use it effectively to drive business. Data is both difficult to access and needed by more applications. How do you examine the effective and proactive use of data—how to...

Datalogic Unveils Matrix 210N to Improve Process Control
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FREMONT, CA: Datalogic, a producer of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking equipment announces the release of the Matrix 210N, an ultra-compact 2D imager that integrates reading performance and industrial...

Microsoft Announces Collaborations to Boost Industrial Productivity
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FREMONT, CA: Microsoft hankers for a wider market reach in today’s grandeur IT coliseum. As IoT, mobility, and cloud gain more traction in the business world cutting across industries, IT companies realize they just have to come out of their...

Why the Internet of Things (IoT) Needs to Extend to Your Plant Floor
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Mark Gallant, Industrial Marketing, AeroScout Industrial

One of the key benefits of the IoT is extending communication with far more types of devices than ever before. For industrial applications, that means improving processes and cutting costs. But how do you extend connectivity to things that...

Aethon: Automating Intralogistics with Robots
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Aldo Zini, President & CEO

Manages internal logistics using an autonomous mobile robot, delivering and transporting materials for manufacturing environments

EPPS Infotech: Intelligent ERP for Streamlined Manufacturing
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Asheer Kapoor, Managing Director

An ERP solution provider that assists SMEs to run their business with remarkable efficiency and accuracy

Microscan Systems: Extending Industrial Imaging Technology
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Scott Summerville, President

Provides precision data acquisition and control solutions, including high-performance barcode readers, barcode verifiers and standards-based verification software, and machine vision inspection cameras and software...

Global Shop Solutions: Providing One-System ERP Software to Simplify Manufacturing Needs
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Dusty Alexander, President and CEO

Helps manufacturers streamline their operations, increase sales, improve quality and on-time delivery, and lower costs

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