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Motion Control Systems: What CIOs need to Know?
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The motion control market is to reach $22.84 billion by 2022. The core driver of the growth is the metal and machinery manufacturing industry because industry players are working toward enhancing accuracy, speed, and production. FREMONT, CA:...

How is Automotive Industry Spearheading Technology Adoption Process?
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Most Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and manufacturers are moving up the chain with the power of smart sensors in the IoT platform along with integration of big data and AI. FREMONT, CA: Imagine the automotive industry taking charge to...

3D Printing-The Third Industrial Revolution
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Cathy Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer, 3D Systems

Over the past 20 years, the Internet has enabled rapid mass access to information, and in the past five years, Facebook and Twitter have transformed the way we share and gather our news and experiences. Now these information and communication...

Technology Driving the Future of Automotive Innovation
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Kelly Knepley, VP Global IT, Maxion Wheels

Driving IT with Cloud Cloud computing has enabled the automotive industry, in particular the IT function, to be faster and more agile in the delivery and management of IT services. It addresses several key attributes of a competitive automotive...

Stumbling Over Incorporating Digital 'Distractions'
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Roger Hector, CEO, Anteros

What significant changes did the Automotive sector witness in 2013? What did these changes mean to vendors and customers? Strong 2013 performance in the automotive sector owed in part to tech & manufacturing infrastructure upgrades and...

Tech-Driven Automotive Trends Redefine the Manufacturing Industry
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Automotives being the key driver of the manufacturing industry, the evolving technological trends have been instrumental in transforming the legacy processes and improving the performance of the enterprises. The technological advancements...

Enhanced RF Communication Capabilities with TowerJazz-Ranix Collaboration
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Automotive communication protocols are rapidly changing, as users and systems require more information in the vehicle. A revolution is taking place through the communication and networking of automobiles in vehicles. Companies continue to tackle...

The Future of Automotives: Driven by People, Powered by Digital
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Raman Mehta, CIO, Visteon Corporation [NASDAQ:VC]

What are the current market trends you see shaping the Automotive Space? Electric and clean energy vehicles are becoming prevalent, and with companies such as Tesla leading from the forefront, this is a trend that is going to stay. It’s...

Cities in the Beta Phase of Automating
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Every idea has its benefits, and the idea of robots running our public services is a noble idea. But, each action has intended and unintended consequences. This thought also provokes the feeling of contention. Automation’s actual...

Significance and Ways of Securing Industrial IoT Devices
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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a key element that led to the advent of the fourth revolution of industrial automation. Integrating IIoT with the Industrial control system resulted in the creation of a cyber-physical system that combines...

Collaborative Robotics to Transform Industries
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The confluence of different advanced technologies today is transforming the robotic age. New waves of industrial robots mitigate manual work during production and distribution operations. As an innovative industrial automation company, Robotiq...

Why Is AI Implementation Becoming a Must for Automotive Industry?
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Advancements in artificial intelligence continue to develop on industries like aviation, manufacturing and technology, and others. This is because, the offerings of AI, machine learning and deep learning can help companies to become more...

IIoT-Powered Manufacturing Intelligence is the Future
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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will have a transformative impact on the manufacturing industry.  The products, heavy machines, and devices that did not have any connectivity will be interlinked. Agility, visibility, and insight are the...

Automobile Industry Should Prioritize between Hardware and Software
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Automobile industry is one such industry in which both hardware and software have firm grounds. Both the fundamentals have played an important role in the development of the industry and will continue the same. On one hand, where the adoption of...

IoT Innovation Is the Game Changer for Automotive Industry
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The automotive industry has been around for a long time now and has evolved ever since, but the major transformation that is supposed to happen is the vehicles driven by humans to the self-driving automobile industry. The driving force behind this...

Addressing Engineering Challenges of Increasingly Complex Automobiles
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Sandeep Sovani, Global Director-Automotive Industry, ANSYS

Three key changes in automotive engineering are transforming cars into complex electronic machines than mechanical machines. From an engineering perspective, this means that virtually every part of the car is undergoing major redesign. For...

A Digital Experience Steering the Future of Automotive Industry
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Sherry Aaholm, VP & CIO, Cummins [NYSE:CMI]

Enhancing Flexibility through Cloud Computing When looking at the benefits of cloud computing, you have to start with customer satisfaction. Customers are demanding high levels of services in return for their loyalty. By entering this new era...

Empowering Automotive Manufacturers with Digitalization
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Martin Weidlich, EVP, North America, BENTELER Group

Cloud Computing and Automotive Industry: The Inseparable Allies We want to be leading in smart manufacturing within our peer group. Our goal is to combine the real business and the digital world so that we support our customers best,...

Automotive Connectivity Innovations Require a New Approach to Cybersecurity
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Tim Frasier, Regional President, Automotive Electronics, Robert Bosch LLC

From the way vehicles are manufactured, to the way they interact with passengers and the road, processes that have remained largely unchanged since the early 1900s will be revolutionized through connectivity. This continued development will have a...

The Shaping of Manufacturing Technology
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Regina Salazar, Regional CIO, GPO, Whirlpool Corporation [NYSE:WHR]

How has Cloud Computing/Big Data/Networking/ Mobility/SaaS/New Technologies affected the Manufacturing industry? Cloud Computing and Big Data are some of the key infrastructure components that enabled the Internet of Things—which in turn,...