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Today's CIOs Should Find Change as Normal
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Josh Jewett, SVP-IT/CIO, Family Dollar Stores

The introduction of consumer grade mobile devices into the enterprise can transform store operations. Retailers like us have stores all over the country. In our case, we have district managers responsible for 18-23 stores. This person is the...

IoT Platforms: What Are They and Do You Need One?
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Tekin Gülşen, CIO, IT Director, Brisa Bridgestone Sabancı

In the era of digitalization, as the number of connected devices increases exponentially, we need systems and platforms to store and process all this information which ties into the “Big Data” concept. More and more technology...

Compete or Partner: Banks See Rise of FinTech Solutions
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Christopher Kennedy, VP-Quantitative Finance Manager, BankUnited [NYSE:BKU]

Fintech - or simply financial technology—is moving at the speed of innovation. FinTech originally represented the shift of traditional brick-and-mortar banking to online and mobile platforms. Now, FinTech embodies a deluge of Silicon Valley...

Unleashing the Potential of Fintech
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Todd Nelson, SVP Strategic Partnerships Mike Petanovitch, Head of Technology, LightStream

What are the current market trends you see shaping the fintech space? We at LightStream continue to see opportunities for partnerships between fintech companies and banks—all with an eye on providing better products for the consumer....

Important Things to Consider When Implementing IIoT, Advanced Analytics, and Big Data
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Craig Harclerode, Global O&G Business Development Executive, OSIsoft

We are all inundated by IIOT, advanced analytics, and “Big Data” claims of transformative business value. Start now, start big, and move fast. This marketing pressure can be confusing, and result in misfires, disillusionment, and...

Technology in Textiles-Bedding
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Brian Parnes, CIO, Down Lite International

Technology in the textile industry, specifically bedding, ranges from outdated equipment on a production floor to state of the art automated lines, home-grown ERP systems to full-fledged SAP installations. In between all of this are mounds of...

Digital Innovation the New Redemption for Textile Industry
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Sean Prouty, CIO & VP Operations, Richloom Fabrics Group

Big Data and Advanced Analytics in Textile Industry Big data provide insights to areas of the business that are often overlooked or not identifiable. We have been able to enhance our planning and production processes, strategically reduce...

Don't View Big Data as a Silver Bullet
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Bill Theisinger, VP-Engineering, YP

If companies learned anything about Big Data this year, it’s that it is not a panacea. It’s a complex ecosystem unto itself, the value of which derives from its integration with all of an organization’s other operations....

Getting the Right Data Governance and Data Integration Practice in Place
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Mary Kotch, EVP Global CIO, Validus Reinsurance

Facing the Challenges At a senior level, the organization will need the talent to build a mature architecture and data practice as well as talent with deep experience in global infrastructure and technology. “It is important to...

IT Strategy: This Time, It's Personal
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Ian Law, CIO, San Francisco International Airport

“More important than any of these ingredients is the personal mark of any CIO. This is a connection with the leadership culture of the organization that is being redefined. The CIO’s vision has the potential to create excitement and...

How is Technology Transforming Manufacturing Process?
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Nanotechnology is a potential technology, and the first generation of it entails manipulation of matter on molecular, atomic, and supramolecular scales. FREMONT, CA: Manufacturing technology is progressing rapidly. It is not what it used to be...

Innovation With Courage
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Helmut Oehring, Executive Vice President, Asteelflash

1. In light of your experience, what are the trends and challenges you’ve witnessed happening concerning the Smart Factory landscape? The amount of data we are collecting from our shop floor equipment is growing much faster and is...

Consumerization of IT: Making IT Pervasive
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Lorenzo Tanganelli, CIO, Avio Aero, GE Aviation

Challenges in technology to meet Aerospace and Defense  needs in 2014 and expectations Compliance always remains my number one priority, especially in a regulated industry like Aerospace and Defense. In particular I am looking forward to...

Ensure a Balanced Approach to Support "The Business" and "The Business of IT"
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Leni Kaufman, VP & CIO, Huntington Ingalls

Challenges in technology A big challenge is providing cost- effective and secure mobility solutions in an extremely dynamic and growing marketplace that meet all user expectations and  customer requirements for consumer hardware, and work...

Digital Signage: An Industry Reborn
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Mike Gamaroff, SVP of Channel Strategy, SITO Mobile

Outdoor Advertising is the oldest advertising medium. It’s been around for this long because of the perfect marriage of simplicity and effectiveness. It was easy to install and required no electronic or mechanical parts, yet it would have...

Oil and Gas Space Aligns Itself to Today's Technology Disruption
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John Boden, Vice President of Information and Member Services, Society of Petroleum Engineers

The low price of crude oil has been the key factor in the oil and gas market since late 2014. That translates to a need for improved efficiency and innovation. The Technology Roadmap for the Oil and Gas sector At our SPE CIO Round Table...

Increasing Efficiency and Decision Making with Analytics and Situational Awareness
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Gary Hayes, CIO & VP IT, CenterPoint Energy

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2014 and expectations The big challenge is the accelerating pace of technology which is driving the convergence of consumer technology, information technology, operational technology and...

The New Tech Frontier for Utilities
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Greg Sarich, CIO, CLEAResult

In today’s day and age, we’re all immersed in a world bursting with technology. The phones in our pockets are essentially mini computers. The cars that we drive can park themselves. The refrigerators we have can tell us if we’re...

Top Technologies Optimizing Lean Manufacturing
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The revolutionized tools and technologies offer greater access to analytics and insights while harnessing the principles of lean manufacturing. FREMONT, CA: Lean manufacturing has seen enormous growth to identify and eliminate waste with...

Automation and Robotics: Manufacturing Tomorrow
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The process of training robots through virtual reality is referred to as imitation learning. Robots can easily mimic the human, guided by machine learning algorithms. FREMONT, CA: Industrial robotics is a gigantic industry and is radically...