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Innovation in the Realm of Food and Beverages
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Manuel Alcalá, VP Pan American Sales, SMurfit Kappa

1. How has your IT operating model changed during the last five years? Nowadays, we think about IT from a business perspective. So, basically it must be aligned with a strategy that leads to serving our customers more effectively, act as a...

Technology-the ROI driver for Food and Beverages Industry
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Carlos Amesquita, CIO, Hershey Company

Tapping Technology for Effective Business Strategy My role fundamentally is to translate business strategy into IT strategy. Technology can be a competitive advantage, but only if properly used in the context of a business...

An Act of Balance between Business and Technology
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Edward Rodden, CIO, SugarCreek Packing Co.

Harnessing the Magic of Data Visualization With the accelerating proliferation of devices, data is exploding in scope, size, speed and “geography” with pockets of data spread out in various databases across the network. Managing...

Automation in the Cloud: Three Ways to Revolutionize Your Business
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Alex Brown, CEO, 10th Magnitude

Cloud is transformational in many ways. But one of the most interesting is IT’s newfound ability to change—and improve—the way your business goes to market. Ask yourself: How rapidly can we go to market right now? How quickly...

Intelligent Process Automation: The New Imperative for Business Services
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Robert H. Brown, AVP, Center for the future of Work, Cognizant

New digital technologies are transforming traditional process management, opening new doors for business and enabling employees to work smarter Advances in technology, automation, interconnectedness, user experience, process analytics and...

Technology Transforming the Future of Manufacturing Floors
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Brian Stein, CEO, SYSPRO USA

I have seen a lot in my 30 odd years of leading a manufacturing software company, but most recently I’ve been really intrigued by the ways small and mid-sized manufacturers are leveraging technology to be competitive. It reminds me of an...

PLM and Modern Enterprise & Manufacturing Environment
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Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM Consultant, Beyond PLM

Business environment is changing fast these days. Enterprise and manufacturing processes are very slow moving segments. Long production programs, dependencies on costly manufacturing shops, equipment and tools, slow decision process are challenges...

Creating Manufacturing Value: Better, Faster, Cheaper
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Darrell Edwards, SVP and Chief Supply Chain Officer, La-Z-Boy

In our dynamically global marketplace, firms are in an insatiable quest to become more competitive, to drive more value. If you operate within the supply chain space, few disciplines can be more of an enabler, more of a business partner, than...

A Global Understanding Imperative in the Automotive World
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Dennis Hodges, CIO, Inteva Products

Cloud ERP, our Bread and Butter We have fully embraced cloud computing at Inteva. We run our ERP system through the cloud—which is our bread and butter system. Cloud computing allows us to keep our costs low, keep our skill set at a...

Using IT as a Competitive Advantage
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Klas Bendrik, CIO, Volvo Cars

Simplicity in Integrations of Technology My expectations from technology providers are that they keep their promises and not only the technical or software parts of their promises but actually the business part of their promises as well....

A Digital Experience Steering the Future of Automotive Industry
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Sherry Aaholm, VP & CIO, Cummins [NYSE:CMI]

Enhancing Flexibility through Cloud Computing When looking at the benefits of cloud computing, you have to start with customer satisfaction. Customers are demanding high levels of services in return for their loyalty. By entering this new era...

Carmax, the Automobile Business with IT at the Core
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Shamim Mohammad, SVP & CIO, CarMax

I am the Senior Vice President (SVP) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) at CarMax. I also consider my role to be the Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Integration Officer and Chief Idea Officer. I’m excited to be at CarMax as it is truly a...

Managed Print Services: Time to Rethink Your Print Strategy
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Sam Errigo, SVP, Business Intelligence Services, Konica Minolta Business Solutions

With the cost of business rising, regardless of industry, CIOs continually tell us that they are looking for ways to lower operating costs, introduce proven technologies that speeds access to information and improve efficiencies. Many CIOs have...

4 Myths about Innovation in Logistics
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Daniel Gagnon, VP, Marketing, Global Logistics & Distribution, UPS

The serenity of a normal Sunday morning gives me time to catch-up on the business journals and blogs that have accumulated in my in-box throughout the week. As I comb through the articles, my serendipity turns into anxiety as I read article after...

Internet of Things and Big Data: Old is New and New is Old
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Shane Fazzio, Director Product Management-IoT Platforms & Analytics, Honeywell [NYSE:HON]

Surely by now we’ve all heard the news: Internet of Things and Big Data are the future. Gartner predicts 20 billion IoT devices and $3 trillion in IoT endpoint spending by 2020. Big data is expected to generate over $200 billion in spending...

3 Guidelines for the Logistics Industry in the Age of Business Transparency
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Eric Kierstead, CIO, BeavEx, Inc.

One of the big talking points these days is “Business Transparency.” Companies are constantly being reviewed, rated and ranked on the internet for the world to see. And when it comes to Logistics, the story is not always pretty. For...

The EAM chain reaction: Four asset management benefits beyond the revenue cycle
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Patrick Zirnhelt, VP of Energy & Asset Management, North America, IFS

Organizations are under increasing scrutiny to ensure processes are compliant, safe and sustainable, this can be a challenge to meet. Enterprise asset management (EAM) is more than a glorified maintenance management system. It’s come into...

Big Data in Manufacturing: It's Not Just for Predictive Maintenance Anymore
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Jeff Cotrupe, Industry Director, Frost and Sullivan

As recently as 18 months ago, most of the conversations manufacturing companies were having with us at Stratecast’s Big Data & Analytics (BDA) practice focused on their interest in predictive maintenance: identifying degrading parts or...

Technology-The Key to Achieve Extraordinary Visual Experience
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Glenn Pinnel, VP, CIO, Benjamin Moore & Co.

1. How would you describe the role of a CIO today? Not all companies are in the same place but many more see the CIO role to be that of Business Transformation Officer. Business models are under pressure and are changing at a pace we have...

People in Supply Chain- Motivating and Innovating
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Mehran Ravanpay, VP, Global Supply Logistics, Schneider Electric [EPA:SU]

Digital supply chain capabilities are transforming how companies collaborate in the future. At the same time, supply chains must become more business-focused and business-friendly. To manage the shift to digital, talent will become the critical...

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