Engine or Anchor?
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Jim Davis, Vice Provost - Information Technology & CTO UCLA, Co-Founder Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition, University of California, Los Angeles

No doubt everyone is aware of well-publicized, data-driven business transformations, for example, in the consumer-based industries—financial, transportation, hotel, entertainment, that have been extensively discussed within the CIO...

Optimizing Warehouse Control Systems with Industry 4.0
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Dr. Ralf Garlichs, EVP Products & Technology, Interroll Group

With industrial IoT (IIoT, also referred to as Industry 4.0) on the rise, it is critical for CIOs and IT personnel to participate in the selection and deployment of warehouse control systems and equipment. Involvement in the purchasing and...

Making the Most of Change: When Opportunity Knocks, Your Chief Procurement Officer can help you open the Door
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Shelley Stewart, Jr., Chief Procurement Officer and VP, Sourcing & Logistics, DuPont

Observations on Partnering to Capture the Potential Value of Change It is an axiom in business—which too often goes unexploited— that change brings opportunity. Regardless of whether the change is planned and welcome or it has been...

A Sneak Peak into the Future of Retail Landscape
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Saqib .E. Awan, VP, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Which are the upcoming technological trends in the retail landscape? This is no easy time for brick and mortar retailers as e-commerce continues to attract consumers. At the same time, despite the doomsayers predictions, I think brick and...

When IoT Meets Mining
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Sean Dessureault, President, MISOM Technologies

Mining is on the verge of the next technological revolution, driven largely by data, technologies being developed for consumers, and this time, it will be accessible to mines of any size. Some might agree the “modern” age of...

Transforming Supply Chain with SMAC and IoT
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Nathan Johnson, SVP and CIO, Werner Enterprises [NASDAQ: WERN]

Like many industries, logistics and supply chain providers deal with large volumes of data and ever-changing market demands. Technology has streamlined decision-making and driven process improvements, but velocity and demand for information is...

Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT), Digitalization, Cyber Security, and their Impact on the Energy Industry
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Matt Morris, MD, Industrial Cyber & Digital Security, Siemens

Introduction Having always been a technologist at heart, it is comforting to see how technology continues to impact today’s Digital Energy industry. From the large scale adoption of Internet of Things devices, to private cloud adoption...

The Impact of Machine Vision In the Manufacturing Space
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Stephen Engel, Senior Vice President-Strategic Solutions Leader, Hitachi Consulting

Q. What are the current market trends you see shaping the Machine Vision Space? SE: Certainly the demand for machine vision technology is surging. According to AIA, the machine vision trade association, Sales of machine vision components and...

The Impact of Machine Vision I the Manufacturing Space
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Stephen Engel, Senior Vice President-Strategic Solutions Leader at Hitachi Consulting

Q. What are the current market trends you see shaping the Machine Vision Space? SE: Certainly the demand for machine vision technology is surging. According to AIA, the machine vision trade association, Sales of machine vision components and...

Artificial Intelligence-Algorithms of Change
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Ash Dhupar, Chief Analytics Officer, Publishers Clearing House

There is a lot of discussion around artificial intelligence (AI) and how these algorithms can change the pace of mankind’s next evolution in technology. As always, there are two sides to the story. There are those who are afraid and those...

Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence-A Value Proposition Primer for CIOs
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Sammy Amirghodsi, Vice President, Data Management, OCC (Options Clearing Corporation)

With increased focus on robotic process automation (RPA) to automate mundane and repetitive tasks, the next evolution in cognitive automation is now underway. Chief Information Officers (CIO) are evaluating and deploying second generation...

Technology Transforming Manufacturing
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Matt Meier, VP and CIO – North America, Whirlpool Corporation

The changing landscape of information technology has come to transform the market space of appliance manufacturing. The manufacturing industry has begun to shift its focus from durable goods to that of customer experiences, enabling increased...

Enhancing Workflow Management in Media
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Andre Mendes, CIO & CTO, US Broadcasting Board of Governors

Evolution of Workflow In the not too distant past, there was a dependence on physical media like videotapes and DVDs, but today, content acquisition, content manipulation, content packaging and delivery are executed in a seamless manner where...

Technology-the ROI driver for Food and Beverages Industry
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Carlos Amesquita, CIO, Hershey Company

Tapping Technology for Effective Business Strategy My role fundamentally is to translate business strategy into IT strategy. Technology can be a competitive advantage, but only if properly used in the context of a business...

An Act of Balance between Business and Technology
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Edward Rodden, CIO, SugarCreek Packing Co.

Harnessing the Magic of Data Visualization With the accelerating proliferation of devices, data is exploding in scope, size, speed and “geography” with pockets of data spread out in various databases across the network. Managing...

Automation in the Cloud: Three Ways to Revolutionize Your Business
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Alex Brown, CEO, 10th Magnitude

Cloud is transformational in many ways. But one of the most interesting is IT’s newfound ability to change—and improve—the way your business goes to market. Ask yourself: How rapidly can we go to market right now? How quickly...

Fueling CIO Success with Test Automation
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Rajeev Rai, CEO and Co-Founder, QA Source

As a CIO, each of you are facing a unique set of challenges in 2015, whether you are integrating COTS products, moving to the cloud, focusing on data security, going mobile, or maybe even something totally unique to your company. What if I told...

The Changing Role of CIO in Digital Era
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Jonathan Pettus, CIO, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.” Charles Dickens opened his famous novel describing The Tale of Two Cities but he might have just as well been describing the...

Be Change Ready in an Evolving Manufacturing Vertical
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Matt Mizell, CIO, Laird

Fired…unemployed! And just four short years into your tenure as CIO of a three-billion dollar, global manufacturing company. You thought you did everything right? You’ve been reading CIO Review regularly and you followed many...

The Future of Smart Manufacturing: Continuing the Conversation
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Mike Molnar, Director, Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office, National Institute of Standards & Technology

A principal mission of our team is building partnerships. Fundamentally, this means enabling connection and communication between policymakers, manufacturers large and small, academic researchers, and thought leaders—looking across the...

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