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From Product to Experience: The Emergence of High-Tech Manufacturing
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Sedar LaBarre, VP, Booz Allen Hamilton

Ask five people in your organization to name the primary product that Apple sells, and you may hear five different responses—phones, computers, tablets, watches, or music. So who is right? None of them. Or, more charitably, all of them....

Seven Attributes of Big Data 2.0: My Advice for CIOs
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Scott Gnau, CTO, Hortonworks

When Web 2.0 was coined, it was about new design patterns and business models emerging from the bubbles and shakeouts of subsequent computing revolutions. The term worked for everyone. It took off and became a meme that, to this day, others are...

Re-Think Tomorrow's Car: The Convergence of Automotive and IoT
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Mahbubul Alam, CTO and CMO, Movimento Group

We are increasingly witnessing an IoT-driven change across industries. Industries such as those in transportation, retail, oil and gas manufacturing and healthcare will see enormous benefits. For instance, supply chain will soon have provision to...

'Internet Of Things' Drives Technology Convergence Into Connected Enterprise
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Jerry Fox, VP, CIO, Rockwell Automation Inc.

Convergence of integrated control and information technologies We believe we’re at an infl ection point, driven by the convergence of integrated control and information technologies, and accelerated by the arrival of the “Internet of...

Manhattan Associates [NASDAQ:MANH]: Pioneering Supply Chain Commerce
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Eddie Capel, President & CEO

Builds technology solutions that solve the most complex business problems in supply chain, inventory and omni-channel

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