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IoT to Merge With Robots for Technical Leap
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Internet of Things (IoT) and robot are two revolutionary technologies that have made a significant impact on the human lifestyle. On the one hand, IoT devices exchange information over the network to ease and comfort human life within homes and...

Engine or Anchor?
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Jim Davis, Vice Provost - Information Technology & CTO UCLA, Co-Founder Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition, University of California, Los Angeles

No doubt everyone is aware of well-publicized, data-driven business transformations, for example, in the consumer-based industries—financial, transportation, hotel, entertainment, that have been extensively discussed within the CIO...

The Industrial IOT Timebomb
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Matt Griffiths, CIO, Stanley Black & Decker Industrial [NYSE:SWK]

The average lifespan of industrial manufacturing machinery is around 20 years. To put that in context; 20 years ago, Windows 98 & Visual Basic 6.0 had just been released by Microsoft, Google had just hired their first employee and US...

Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT), Digitalization, Cyber Security, and their Impact on the Energy Industry
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Matt Morris, MD, Industrial Cyber & Digital Security, Siemens

Introduction Having always been a technologist at heart, it is comforting to see how technology continues to impact today’s Digital Energy industry. From the large scale adoption of Internet of Things devices, to private cloud adoption...

Seeing a Digital Future for Manufacturing with Machine Vision
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Tyler Vizek, Project Innovation Engineer at DMDII

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. This time-tested maxim illustrates how effective the use of visual explanations can be for conveying complex ideas. It has become increasingly relevant in the manufacturing environment, as the...

Be Change Ready in an Evolving Manufacturing Vertical
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Matt Mizell, CIO, Laird

Fired…unemployed! And just four short years into your tenure as CIO of a three-billion dollar, global manufacturing company. You thought you did everything right? You’ve been reading CIO Review regularly and you followed many...

Blockchain, Robotics & Machine Learning-Next Big Trends of 2018
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According to IT service provider Dimension Data, the technologies that will reshape digital business next year are blockchain, robotics and machine learning. Owing to security reasons, blockchain is the frontrunner in the technologies list as the...

Technology is transforming the Architecture and Engineering Industry
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Bill Kloster, CIO, SEH

Population growth and the increasing trend of megacities require more sustainable, efficient and cost-effective infrastructure. Higher standards for sustainable living will increase consumption of renewable energy and the demand for clean water....

CyberFlow's Anomalytics Formation Emerges as Cybercrime Detector
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SAN DIEGO, CA: CyberFlow Analytics launches CyberHooks; the new FlowScape in network and security market. The security based platform successfully provides continuous Security Network Behaviour Analytics in cyber security market. It supplies...

Skyland Analytics, Inc.: A Leader in Enterprise Risk Management and Manufacturing Informatics Services
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Robert M. Di Scipio, CEO

Providing risk management and process optimization services to life science manufacturers

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