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Simplified Deployment and Management of Data Center and Network Operations
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Ari Bose, CIO, Brocade

I see four big challenges technology that the networking industry needs to address: 1. Security–End-to-End security covering data center, networks, and end points– this needs to be predictive and enable smart analytics to baseline...

Driven by Data: Autonomous Cars Will Change More Than Transportation
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Anand Sankaran, President and Global Head Infrastructure and Cloud, Dell Services

If you’ve shopped a new vehicle in the past few years, you’ve probably at least looked at the models that can parallel park themselves or brake automatically to avoid a crash. If you thought those features were impressive (or perhaps a...

An Act of Balance between Business and Technology
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Edward Rodden, CIO, SugarCreek Packing Co.

Harnessing the Magic of Data Visualization With the accelerating proliferation of devices, data is exploding in scope, size, speed and “geography” with pockets of data spread out in various databases across the network. Managing...

How to Transform Infrastructure at the Edge
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Jyeh Gan, Director of Product Management, Marketing & Strategy, Extreme Scale Infrastructure (ESI), Dell EMC

The transformation produced by the Internet of Things (IoT) can only be compared to the global proliferation of the Internet and the rapid consumerization of smartphones. There is no arguing that IoT is fast growing, with its ecosystem projected...

Customizable Data Center Services
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Curt Holcomb, Executive Vice President, JLL-Data Center Solutions

The data center industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Fortune 1000 companies and new internet-based businesses have continually growing data requirements that are increasing the demand for data center space. This has caused many new colocation...

The Built Environment of the Data Center
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Bill Mazzetti, Senior Vice President, Rosendin Electric

Computing is demand-based, scalable, and diverse. Today, so are your critical facilities. After the Dot Com, data center facilities have evolved away from purpose-built to leased or scaled facilities similar to the SaaS model. These facilities are...