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How Plant Managers are Pivotal in an Effective Lean Process Concept Implementation
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Massimo Risi, VP, Global Head of Lean Manufacturing, VS&E–MAYCO

Many years ago I was a young Plant Manager in a huge Production facility in south of Italy, belonging to a well-known OEM. At that time the Company had decided to start a journey towards Lean Manufacturing and a Japanese University Professor, a...

Leveraging Mobile Technology to Ensure Quality in the Supply Chain
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Dave Hale, CEO, Gigwalk

Lax Standards in the Downstream Supply Chain Many companies have unfortunately come to accept or ignore defects in the downstream supply chain that would otherwise be unacceptable in the upstream supply chain. Manufacturers invest significant...

5 IT Trends in Manufacturing
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Carlton Beard, Group Director of IT, Shaw Industries Group

Driving predictability and minimizing variation are the holy grails of manufacturing. Today, technology plays a significant role in that pursuit with manufacturing becoming increasingly sophisticated. Five trends have emerged: 1. A...

MPDV USA: Defining Industry 4.0 with Integrated Shop Floor
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Prof. Dr.-Ing Jürgen Kletti, CEO

Provider of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to process data from shop floor, machines, employees and quality processes to gain real-time control of the shop floor

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