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Reinforcement Learning for Efficient Edge Computing Solutions
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Edge computing is a recent technique, which is driving the cloud support industry. Enterprises are looking for options to compute data at the edge to make an efficient and quick service platform. Robotics is at the center of edge computing....

Automation in the Cloud: Three Ways to Revolutionize Your Business
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Alex Brown, CEO, 10th Magnitude

Cloud is transformational in many ways. But one of the most interesting is IT’s newfound ability to change—and improve—the way your business goes to market. Ask yourself: How rapidly can we go to market right now? How quickly...

You're the Frog and Automation is about to Boil You
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Joe Fuller, VP & CIO, Dominion Enterprises

In an old parable a frog is placed in tepid water whose temperature is gradually and slowly raised to the boiling point. As the water gets warmer, instead of recognizing peril, the frog falls into a calm stupor and is boiled to death. If...

Elevating and Demystifying Enterprise Architecture to Maximize Business Impact
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Cameron Ahler, Executive Director, Enterprise Architecture and Solution Delivery, Bridgestone Americas

I recently attended an Enterprise Architecture (EA) conference to get a pulse for how businesses perceive their EA teams. While the keynote speakers were strategic, technologically forward-facing and business outcome focused, many attendees I...

The Shaping of Manufacturing Technology
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Regina Salazar, Regional CIO, GPO, Whirlpool Corporation [NYSE:WHR]

How has Cloud Computing/Big Data/Networking/ Mobility/SaaS/New Technologies affected the Manufacturing industry? Cloud Computing and Big Data are some of the key infrastructure components that enabled the Internet of Things—which in turn,...

The Evolving CPG Landscape
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Ronojoy Guha, VP and Global Head Solutions and Pre-Sales, Retail, Consumer Goods and Manufacturing, Mindtree [NSE:MINDTREE.NS]

How has your IT operating model changed during the last five years in manufacturing? IT operations have become more responsive to variations in the manufacturing process. In the past, IT’s primary role was to provide technology that would...

No time for downtime
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Colin Boyd, CIO, Joy Global

The margins in today’s mining industry are tighter than ever, making unplanned equipment downtime an unacceptable situation, driving a focus on optimizing both machine and operator productivity. Companies who have made major capital...

Seven Attributes of Big Data 2.0: My Advice for CIOs
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Scott Gnau, CTO, Hortonworks

When Web 2.0 was coined, it was about new design patterns and business models emerging from the bubbles and shakeouts of subsequent computing revolutions. The term worked for everyone. It took off and became a meme that, to this day, others are...

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