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Compete or Partner: Banks See Rise of FinTech Solutions
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Christopher Kennedy, VP-Quantitative Finance Manager, BankUnited [NYSE:BKU]

Fintech - or simply financial technology—is moving at the speed of innovation. FinTech originally represented the shift of traditional brick-and-mortar banking to online and mobile platforms. Now, FinTech embodies a deluge of Silicon Valley...

An insight in ECC data issues impacting Financial Results
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Eric Brink, CEO, ERPmenu

Introduction In the day and age of Big data and Business Intelligence (BI) one thing stays the same; data quality, which is a pre-requisite for good reports and management informations. When the data in your SAP ERP system is inaccurate, any...

Delivering User Centered Design (UCD) Strategies
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Raouf Carmi, VP, Product & Digital Transformation, Eagle Investment Systems (subsidiary of BNY Mellon)

Design best practices are imperative when thinking about mobile native, mobile web or a “hybrid” solution. Which strategy is best for your organization? One of the biggest challenges financial institutions have to continuously think...

Unleashing the Potential of Fintech
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Todd Nelson, SVP Strategic Partnerships Mike Petanovitch, Head of Technology, LightStream

What are the current market trends you see shaping the fintech space? We at LightStream continue to see opportunities for partnerships between fintech companies and banks—all with an eye on providing better products for the consumer....

How Disruption Leads to Innovation
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Scott Blandford, Chief Digital Officer, TIAA

Financial services organizations are not often viewed as quick thinking or digitally native. They are mostly regarded as steady and unchanging. Too much modernization might “rock the boat,” creating a perception of instability for...

The Path to Digital Leadership in Financial Services: Collaboration with Fintech
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Preet Chhokar, Industry Practice Advisor, Financial Services, Cisco

The financial services industry continues to weather near-constant change, and it is clear a digital storm has touched down. A digital-first movement, to some degree lead by the explosion of fintech companies, is taking hold in mainstream...

Banking on Ohio as a Fintech Leader
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Terry Gore, Director, Financial Services & Fintech

Ohio’s financial services industry reaches people all around the world. The state is home to the fifth largest financial services sector in the country with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies like Huntington, KeyBank, Fifth Third Bank,...

Is the Future of Fintech Digitally Disrupted or Redefined?
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John Finch, CIO, Refinitiv

What are the current market trends you see shaping the Fintech space? This discussion depends on what we mean by Fintech. People often say Fintech and think about the startup, and clearly there is a startup element to this. As we talk about the...

Leveraging the Data from IoT
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Mike Shemancik, CIO, ABT Power Management

There is a lot of hype and excitement about the “Internet of Things” and the promise it brings around collecting and triangulating data from whatever array of sensors and devices are applicable to your business. The technical and...

Consolidating, Integrating, and Using Data to Drive Business
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Melissa Scheppele, CIO, Ascend Performance Materials

I’ve heard them referred to as Rabbits and Vampires… things that reproduce rapidly and others that stare at you in the dark with gleaming red eyes. To us- in the Chemical manufacturing industry- they are sensors, mobile devices, and...

To Blaze a Trail of Disruption, or not to Blaze; and Perhaps Just Wait
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Christopher Danvers, Vice President Payments & Digital Services, American Airlines Federal Credit Union

That seems to be the question asked by payments professionals every day. And considering the scope and magnitude of disruptive change generated from technology advances, and the FinTech/RegTech/ InsurTech—you get the point—communities...

Hyper-Growth through People, Processes, & Technology
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Janet DeBerardinis, CIO, Caliber Collision Centers

When I joined Caliber Collision in July 2011, we had 86 locations in two states and minimal IT investment in people, processes or technology. For 2012, a new objective was set by our Senior Management team and the Board— double the...

Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing ERP
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The relatively infant artificial intelligence (AI) is making sea changes in almost all industries. Mostly being used to streamline and boost business efficiency and productivity is revolutionizing enterprise resource planning (ERP). Sensors track...

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Refining ERP Solutions
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Artificial Intelligence is revamping industries for a better tomorrow. This innovation is rising at a phenomenal rate and is profoundly influencing the different sectors as it is streamlining and boosting the business efficiency and business...

Jobs that will be driven by artificial intelligence
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Organizations are adopting artificial intelligence (AI) worldwide to boost productivity and profitability. AI makes jobs easier, saves time and accomplishes with accuracy. AI-driven automation and computerization are going to change the...

Future adoption of AI in ERP
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Finance, human resource, Manufacturing, supply chain, services etc are considered the core processes needed to run a company. The process integration of these sections is made possible with Enterprise resource planning(ERP). They use the latest...

Cybersecurity Options for Manufacturers
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Robert Sompolski, Dean of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science, Oakton Community College

As modern manufacturing has become increasingly digitized, the risks that have traditionally confronted financial institutions are certain to target manufacturers. The manufacturing sector presents security challenges of a unique nature due to...

Taking the Right Technology Initiatives
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Jawahar Kaliani, Deputy CIO, Department of Treasury - Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) recently published a white paper, entitled “Supporting Responsible Innovation in the Federal Banking System: An OCC Perspective.” The paper describes the agency’s effort to...

Artificial Intelligence in Higher-Education
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Christopher Harrison, CTO, Nova Southeastern University

Over the last few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gaining momentum across all industries and all spectrums of the world from consumer solutions such as Siri and Alexa leveraging Machine Learning to disruptive technologies such as Uber...

Digital Disruptions: SMART Manufacturing Reimagined
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Sanjay Choubey, Global Program Delivery Executive, Briggs & Stratton

The transition of Manufacturing from a Product centric process to Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS), offers a truly disruptive aspect of manufacturing. The development and adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) is a critical element of smarter...