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Life Before Connectivity To Life After Digital
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David G Sherburne, Executive IT Director, Carestream

We all know by now that the Internet of Things will enable digital transformation of markets and usher in the Age of the Customer. Life before connectivity (BC) will be different than life after digital (AD) for humanity and companies alike, these...

The Future of Streaming Analytics in Financial Services
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Mark Palmer, SVP-Engineering & General Manager, TIBCO Software

Why? The proliferation of data in motion has led to a complete transformation of operating procedure in many industries, but especially in financial services. Streaming analytics technology has made it easier to understand the risk and opportunity...

Don't View Big Data as a Silver Bullet
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Bill Theisinger, VP-Engineering, YP

If companies learned anything about Big Data this year, it’s that it is not a panacea. It’s a complex ecosystem unto itself, the value of which derives from its integration with all of an organization’s other operations....

eDiscovery as the CIO
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Don Cox, Deputy CIO, Philidor Rx Services

Just as breaches will happen, litigation holds will happen I recently read a comment made by a colleague, “The most common anti-forensics tool I see used in engagements is time. The bad guys persists their malware in known locations, and...

The Evolving Role of the Chief Data Officers
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Siamak Amirghodsi, VP, Data Management & Analytics, Options Clearing Corporation

As we embark on the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution with all its economic promises and upheaval, we see data swiftly emerging as a critical asset in many industries. The traditional Chief Information Officer (CIO) role is being augmented...

Revolutionizing Manufacturing Arena with IoT and the Industrial Internet
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Brian Courtney, GM, AC Power System Product Line, GE Critical Power

The term “Industrial Internet,” coined by GE four years ago, reflects the trend toward making industrial tools, equipment and processes more intelligent. The concept of the Industrial Internet is to generate, capture and analyze more...

Seven Attributes of Big Data 2.0: My Advice for CIOs
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Scott Gnau, CTO, Hortonworks

When Web 2.0 was coined, it was about new design patterns and business models emerging from the bubbles and shakeouts of subsequent computing revolutions. The term worked for everyone. It took off and became a meme that, to this day, others are...

5 IT Trends in Manufacturing
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Carlton Beard, Group Director of IT, Shaw Industries Group

Driving predictability and minimizing variation are the holy grails of manufacturing. Today, technology plays a significant role in that pursuit with manufacturing becoming increasingly sophisticated. Five trends have emerged: 1. A...

Defense Tech Trends & the CXO: Why We Should Care
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Michael Nizich, Ph.D., Director, Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation Center (ETIC), New York Institute of Technology

When we mention the term “Defense Tech” or “Defense Technology”, many times we seem to automatically think of high-speed armored transports and tanks, new powerful and intelligent artillery and aircraft whose performance...