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Engine or Anchor?
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Jim Davis, Vice Provost - Information Technology & CTO UCLA, Co-Founder Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition, University of California, Los Angeles

No doubt everyone is aware of well-publicized, data-driven business transformations, for example, in the consumer-based industries—financial, transportation, hotel, entertainment, that have been extensively discussed within the CIO...

Giving Human Relevance to Digital Transformation
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Alba Contreras Rodriguez, President, FonS (Focus on Solution), LLC

Digital transformation does not start with technology, but with the people and processes it enables. Envision the enormous possibilities and high impact that digital transformation can have in the production process by enabling you and your...

A Quantum Jump in the Flexibility of Automation: The New Generation of Mobile Robots
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Denise Ebenhoech, Regional Head of Advanced Robotic Applications, KUKA Robotics

We have been conditioned to think of machinery as fixed and immobile since the advent of the assembly line. While platforms moved around the factory, they were typically anchored to the floor and followed the pre-planned path of an induction loop....

Tips to minimize cyber-risk for manufacturing
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Cyber attacks are on the rise because organized hackers have the edge and take advantage of the lax security measures. Cybersecurity threats are growing in the business industry and serving as wake-up calls as industrial and manufacturing...

Moxa SupervisesIIoT Security throughTXOne Networks
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Moxa Inc, an industrial communications and networking company, and Trend Micro, a global security organization have announced that they have accomplished a letter of intent to create a joint-venture corporation called TXOneNetworks which will...

Seeing a Digital Future for Manufacturing with Machine Vision
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Tyler Vizek, Project Innovation Engineer at DMDII

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. This time-tested maxim illustrates how effective the use of visual explanations can be for conveying complex ideas. It has become increasingly relevant in the manufacturing environment, as the...

IoT in Perspective and What Shall Company's Expect From the IoT Journey
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Alexander Nazarov, Engineering Functional Excellence Manager, Cummins Inc.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing and taking over new markets. It is helping companies extend their value to customers, prioritized assets portfolio, maximize production, address environmental health and safety issues, manage equipment,...

Revolutionizing Manufacturing Arena with IoT and the Industrial Internet
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Brian Courtney, GM, AC Power System Product Line, GE Critical Power

The term “Industrial Internet,” coined by GE four years ago, reflects the trend toward making industrial tools, equipment and processes more intelligent. The concept of the Industrial Internet is to generate, capture and analyze more...

Implementing IIoT in Field Services
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The traditional field service model involves technicians following man-made work orders where systems and equipment that require servicing or repairs need to be diagnosed first. Technicians need to travel to the customer’s location to make a...

Rise of the Industrial Internet of Things
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With the beacon of technology brought about by the Industrial Internet or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), there has been a huge wave of a change in method of manufacturing, shipping and managing products.  Electronically...

What would Happen if IT Ran the Factories?
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Bob Krestakos, VP, Global Operations, Steelcase

At Steelcase, we help customers think about space as a strategic asset to tackle organizational needs—including transforming culture, enhancing collaboration, and increasing employee engagement. It takes a different way of thinking to fully...

Industry 4.0 in a Highly-Regulated Medical Device Factory
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Srivats Ramaswami, CTO, 42Q

A recent study by Automation Alley found that 85 percent of national manufacturing executives said their company plans to increase budgets for Industry 4.0 technological advancements, including investments in cloud technology, Industrial Internet...

Industry and Internet will soon be Inseparable
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Franz E. Gruber, Founder & Chairman, Global CEO, FORCAM

The smart manufacturing journey requires the modern manufacturing business to undergo a fundamental transformation. It is not just about equipment and technology but will also require a meaningful change on the plant floor, both in terms of...

The Industrial Internet at Work
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Paul Boris, VP, Manufacturing Industries, GE Digital

Heavy industry today faces relentless pressure to manage costs, shorten development times and increase productivity—while also meeting customer demands for build-to-order manufacturing and quality compliance. But most manufacturers find it...

Connecting Product Development and Manufacturing - A Necessary Foundation for Industry 4.0
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Peter Schroer, Founder and CEO, Aras Corporation

In an ideal world, the design of the manufacturing process would run concurrently with the development of the product. “Change management, collaboration, and even algorithmic design checking are all simplified by co-existence of EBOM and...

Machine Learning in Manufacturing: Moving to Network-Wide Approach
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Paul Boris, CIO, Advanced Manufacturing, GE

The challenge with machine learning in manufacturing isn’t always the machines; it’s often the people as well. For nearly 30 years, the industry has talked about the coming of one big interconnected network of plants, supply chains,...

Implementing the IIoT
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Michael Risse, Vice President, Seeq Corporation

Whatever the expression—IoT, IIoT (Industrial IoT), IoE (Everything), Industrial Internet—there’s a monolithic sense to its use, as if it denotes a sudden and universal departure from past practices. But this isn’t usually...

Manufacturing in the Digital Age
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Heppelmann, Divisional General Manager, Manufacturing Solutions, PTC

Manufacturing has entered the digital age. The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way manufacturers not only view the way they create and service products, but also how it can help boost quality, efficiency, and productivity within their...

CIOs and Factories of the Future: IT and Advanced Manufacturing will be Interdependent and Inseparable
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Vince Campisi, CIO, GE Software

In the future, factory operations will likely revolve around the concept of advanced manufacturing, which digitally links design, product engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, service and repair in a seamless process of...

BPM in Manufacturing - A Gap Analysis
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Patrick Weber, Owner and Principal Consultant, Integrated Automation Consulting

Business Process Management (BPM) is a natural fit in manufacturing, yet many organizations remain unaware of the benefits BPM technology can provide. Three forces will drive the adoption of BPM in manufacturing: the lack of skilled workers will...

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