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How Manufacturers can Attract Next-Gen Workforce
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As the industry continues to revolutionize and the requirement for new talent swells, organizations cannot afford to lose focus on nurturing the talent pipelines. With over a million jobs to be filled, there is a paramount need for manufacturers...

How Robotics and Automation are Reshaping the Economic Landscape
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Jan Janick, CTO, Benchmark

Did you grow up dreaming about a future with flying cars and responsive robot maids? With the autonomous vehicle programs in beta tests and at-home independent robot vacuum cleaners, we are progressing towards this future, showcasing how robotics...

Reconstructing the Manufacturing Industry with 5G
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5G networks can still be years away, transforming entertainment, interaction, and shipping; however, the innovation already makes a distinction in manufacturing. FREMONT, CA: Competitiveness is all for producers, while unique and innovative...

The Factory of the Future is a Thing of the Past
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Steven L. Blue, President, CEO & Director of Miller Ingenuity

I keynote speak at manufacturing conferences all over the world. These days, the agendas in these conferences all look the same. Smart manufacturing. Connected manufacturing. Internet of things manufacturing. Industry 4.0. Blah, blah, blah....

How to Boost the Growth of Manufacturing Industry
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Incoming orders are declined in the machine tool manufacturing industry, which in turn trim down the percentage of profit. FREMONT, CA: The slowdown of the global economy has reached the machine tool industry of Germany as well, and order...

Here are Some Key Potentials of IoT in Manufacturing Industry
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By leveraging current and future 5G network technologies, IoT platforms, cloud, and big data solutions, companies can provide innovative services. Alongside, businesses can also increase efficiency, competitiveness for smart manufacturing, quality...

How is Automotive Industry Spearheading Technology Adoption Process?
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Most Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and manufacturers are moving up the chain with the power of smart sensors in the IoT platform along with integration of big data and AI. FREMONT, CA: Imagine the automotive industry taking charge to...

Making Today's Technology Read for the Factory of the Future
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Rodney Rusk, i4.0 Business Leader, Bosch Rexroth Corp

What is the Factory of the Future? It’s a smart, connected, flexible production environment defined by increased productivity with reduced downtime, data transparency, previously untapped levels of customization and improved safety...

Suppliers of Information for Industry 4.0: Three Steps to Leveraging the Power of Your Data
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Ron Stuver, Director, Business Consulting, SICK

At the foundation of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) – or the Fourth Industrial Revolution – is data and connectivity. I4.0 is not a technology, but rather, a concept of how automation can be better utilized to help companies achieve...

Industry 4.0: From preventive to predictive maintenance
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Rahul Shira, Senior Marketing Manager, Signify

The power to anticipate and resolve problems before they occur Industry 4.0 is upon us: A manufacturing regime characterized by smart production systems powered by data and artificial intelligence, and putting to work such transformational...

The evolution of the Smart Factory
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Hector Barresi, Director - Industrial Automation Business, IMI Precision Engineering

When Charles Chaplin filmed Modern Times back in 1936, he brilliantly portrayed the revolutionary “efficiencies” of modern industrialization that characterized the Industry 2.0 era. The use of electricity, mass manufacturing,...

Tips to Boost Manufacturing Process for Aerospace and Defense 4.0
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Fourth industrial revolution will improve the manufacturing performance and will prove beneficial for the A&D industry. FREMONT, CA: Industry 4.0 technologies could be the key to unlocking future competitiveness in the case of aerospace and...

The role of Machine Vision in manufacturing
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Mark Williamson, Managing Director, STEMMER IMAGING

Machine vision already makes an important contribution to the manufacturing sector, primarily by providing automated inspection capabilities as part of QC procedures. However, the world of automation is becoming increasingly complex. Industry 4.0,...

ISRA Vision Aquires Photonfocus AG
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The integration of ISRA Vision and Photonfocus AG will enable quick progress and strong turnover for smart factory automation, accelerating business growth and quality revamp. FREMONT, CA: ISRA VISION, a supplier of optical solutions for 3D...

Top 5 Transformative Trends in Manufacturing
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With a developing manufacturing landscape, technological innovation has continued to revolutionize the industry. FREMONT, CA: Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with the possibility to use advanced manufacturing...

From Carpet Floor to Concrete Floor: Desktop 3D Printing's Impact on Manufacturing
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John Kawola, President, Ultimaker North America

The manufacturing industry has always been directly impacted by the technological advancements of its time. From the advent of coal and steam as new sources of energy, the cotton gin and its impact on cloth manufacturers, and the assembly line for...

Smart Sensors are Driving the Manufacturing Sector to a New Era!
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The incorporation of smart sensors has facilitated comprehensive awareness, enabling organizations to take preventive maintenance measures and boost productivity. FREMONT, CA – Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing operations across the...

Preparing Logistics for Industry 4.0
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3D printing equips the logistics and supply chain department with flexibility and entirely transforms the logistical distribution of a product. FREMONT, CA: With technologies paving the way to the future, smart manufacturing strategies are...

5G: The True driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
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  5G, as well as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), are two megatrends that gain traction in the mobile industry. Industrial machos have been venturing the notion, using the umbrella term 'Industry 4.0' to define what is...

Manufacturing Gets Smarter with Industry 4.0
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FREMONT, CA: The fourth industrial revolution is here, and revolutions are rarely small, as any history buff can attest—they bring monumental changes to the status quo and force completely new directions. The 2018 MFG Forum attempted to...
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