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How Robotics Helps Manufacturing Businesses
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Intelligent technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics now enable businesses to analyze historical quality assurance data in the context of incoming information from live production runs. FREMONT, CA: Robotics in manufacturing...

How 3D Printing Helps Manufacturing Operations?
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3D printing localizes production, which cuts down on carbon footprint and shipping costs associated with it. When products are manufactured using plastic powder or dust, the products are also 100% recyclable. FREMONT, CA: Majority manufacturers...

Some Simple Steps You can Take to Keep Devices Secure
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Aaron Gette, CIO, The Bay Club Company

Many enterprises consider IoT strategic to their future, but most still take a disjointed approach to IoT security. The state of adoption varies widely among industries with manufacturing companies investing the most in IoT, while retail and...

An insight in ECC data issues impacting Financial Results
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Eric Brink, CEO, ERPmenu

Introduction In the day and age of Big data and Business Intelligence (BI) one thing stays the same; data quality, which is a pre-requisite for good reports and management informations. When the data in your SAP ERP system is inaccurate, any...

Data: The New (Final) Frontier
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Peter Serenita, U.S. Chief Data Officer, Scotiabank

The bottom line benefit of artificial intelligence has put datain the spotlight over the last number of years. As data is finally taking its rightful place at the “center” of everything, the visibility and increased awareness mean...

CIO Driven Collaboration
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John Miller, VP-IT, American Textile Company

We IT professionals are in a unique situation. Sometimes, we fill the role of “Lightening Rod of Hate”. After all, we are the ones that say “No, you cannot have a new iPhone 6.” However, we have access to all of the data...

Smart Factories and Their Benefits
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Smart factories connect physical, data, and control systems that reduce the time lag in the production process. They join the gap between control systems and the on-premise implementation, consequently bringing together digital and physical...

Innovation with the Four Phases of Shop Floor Management
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Joe Roy-Mayhew, Director, Materials, Markforged

Innovation. Many companies talk about it, the market around it, create slogans incorporating it. But change is not just a sound bite, and it’s not easy. Despite the rhetoric, most companies equate innovation to risk, preferring to take a...

Bridge the Gap: Automation as Labor Augmentation
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Mick McCormick, Robotics Business Leader, Yale Materials Handling Corporation

It’s hard to have any supply chain conversation without covering labor. One look at a recent jobs report reveals why – unemployment currently stands at a 50-year low, just 3.6 percent. But despite the economy operating at virtually...

Now Deliver Smart Factory Transformation With This Tool
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The suite allows operators to recognize overall equipment efficiency that quantifies the availability, quality, performance, and location of each production line and asset. FREMONT, CA: In a pursuit to deliver smart factory capabilities to...

The New Age of Shop Floor Management
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Samuel Bonilla, Director of Quality Americas, SaarGummi Group

The transition from hand production methods to machines, from handicraft to high tech, from raw materials to finished goods, started two centuries ago with the Industrial Revolution. The question is: Where we are now? What is the impact of new...

How 3D Printing Is Influencing Industry Progress?
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According to a recent analysis, 3D printing will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 14 percent to approximately $17.2 billion between now and 2020. The analysis means 3D printers will be found in the homes along with the...

How Shop Floor Management Solution Helps Manufacturing Industry
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One key aim of shop floor management includes channelizing the processes and procedures for the best possible output. FREMONT, CA: For products with superior quality and excellent performance, there is no alternative. When it comes to bringing...

Innovation With Courage
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Helmut Oehring, Executive Vice President, Asteelflash

1. In light of your experience, what are the trends and challenges you’ve witnessed happening concerning the Smart Factory landscape? The amount of data we are collecting from our shop floor equipment is growing much faster and is...

How Digital Signage Hardware & Software Decisions Made Today Will Impact Tomorrow
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Eric Lamb, Director of Publisher Solutions, Vistar Media

The digital signage industry is experiencing an exciting growth period at the moment, with the rising interest in “smart city” projects and a resurgence of advertiser interest in out-of-home. The digital out-of-home (DOOH) market is...

Dickey's Barbecue Pit Brings "Hey Alexa" to the Restaurant Industry
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Paula Suarez, VP-IT, Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc.

Voice enabled technology is the efficiency tool of the future. Today, requesting information from Alexa is pervasive throughout the United States, and is quickly becoming an integral business tool, especially in the restaurant industry....

Changing Face of Collaboration
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Douglas Olsen, CIO/CTO, Scouting Report Consulting

Benefits of Cloud Computing Most CIOs that are in a position that they have to depreciate a relatively new data center are embracing cloud computing. For companies to embrace cloud computing it usually begins with a conversation with the CFO to...

The New Tech Frontier for Utilities
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Greg Sarich, CIO, CLEAResult

In today’s day and age, we’re all immersed in a world bursting with technology. The phones in our pockets are essentially mini computers. The cars that we drive can park themselves. The refrigerators we have can tell us if we’re...

Top 5 Transformative Trends in Manufacturing
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With a developing manufacturing landscape, technological innovation has continued to revolutionize the industry. FREMONT, CA: Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with the possibility to use advanced manufacturing...

Top 4 IIoT Benefits Modernizing Manufacturing
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The vision of connected enterprise through interconnecting various industrial assets is essentially fulfilled with the introduction of the Industrial Internet of Things.   FREMONT, CA: Internet of Things (IoT) needs no introduction....
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