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Life Before Connectivity To Life After Digital
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David G Sherburne, Executive IT Director, Carestream

We all know by now that the Internet of Things will enable digital transformation of markets and usher in the Age of the Customer. Life before connectivity (BC) will be different than life after digital (AD) for humanity and companies alike, these...

Some Simple Steps You can Take to Keep Devices Secure
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Aaron Gette, CIO, The Bay Club Company

Many enterprises consider IoT strategic to their future, but most still take a disjointed approach to IoT security. The state of adoption varies widely among industries with manufacturing companies investing the most in IoT, while retail and...

IoT Platforms: What Are They and Do You Need One?
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Tekin Gülşen, CIO, IT Director, Brisa Bridgestone Sabancı

In the era of digitalization, as the number of connected devices increases exponentially, we need systems and platforms to store and process all this information which ties into the “Big Data” concept. More and more technology...

How the Coming Internet of Things Era is Reshaping Payments
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Michelle Evans, Head, Digital Consumer Research, Euromonitor International

Consumers are more interconnected than ever before. These increased digital connections are underpinning generational shifts, changing how consumers live, work, play and shop. This move towards more internet-enabled things has been dubbed the...

Asset Management in Utility Organizations
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Milind Nazare, Vice President Operations & Delivery, Avertra Corp

Assets are the lifeblood of the utilities industry. Power and Gas stations, Distribution and Transmission Lines, Storage Wells, Generation Plants, Exploration, and the list goes on. Apart from gas, water, electric and waste carrying assets, there...

Leveraging the Data from IoT
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Mike Shemancik, CIO, ABT Power Management

There is a lot of hype and excitement about the “Internet of Things” and the promise it brings around collecting and triangulating data from whatever array of sensors and devices are applicable to your business. The technical and...

Wireless Infrastructure for Industrial Applications
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Bob Karschnia, VP of Wireless, Emerson Automation Solutions

Industrial process plants have unique needs and requirements for their wireless infrastructure, making these networks very different from their commercial counterparts such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Although these commercial networks have their...

Journey towards Technology Innovation in Textile
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Brad Whitehall, CIO, UniFirst Corporation

Textiles of the Future We expect that the textile options of the future will include a variety of smart fabrics with a range of abilities to gather data and communicate various pieces of information. Businesses in this industry will likely not...

How CIOs Can Add to the Organization's Customer Centricity
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Customer-centric organizations immerse themselves in the customer experience and synthesize information from multiple touchpoints to better understand the needs and motivations, in turn, creating solutions that customers do not always know they...

Why Ceramics Hold the Key to Further Advances in Technology
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Jay Scovie, Deputy General Manager, Corporate Communications and Education, Kyocera

Reinvented with the latest science, humankind’s oldest synthetic materials usher in a new age of engineered solutions. "Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) hold great potential to advance human productivity,...

A Look at the Competence of Smart Products
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Smart products facilitate enterprises to supervise the condition of their goods in real-time. The approach is particularly competent to organizations that are in the standpoint of selling their product as a service. FREMONT, CA: Companies today...

The Evolving Trend in Industrial Automation
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Wei Yuan, R&D Lab Manager, Hitachi America Ltd.

A profound transformation in industrial automation has occurred over the past decade, and it is a technological shift and a consequence of the changing economy, fast shipping, and agility in operations. Automation initiatives are also quickly...

5G: More than Just Five Bars
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Imran Akbar, Vice President and General Manager, Wireless Networks, Samsung Electronics America

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona earlier this year, almost every major vendor, and service provider touted the potential of 5G wireless networks. With speeds expected to be up to 100 times faster than 4G LTE and latency as low as 1...

Reconstructing the Manufacturing Industry with 5G
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5G networks can still be years away, transforming entertainment, interaction, and shipping; however, the innovation already makes a distinction in manufacturing. FREMONT, CA: Competitiveness is all for producers, while unique and innovative...

Now Deliver Smart Factory Transformation With This Tool
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The suite allows operators to recognize overall equipment efficiency that quantifies the availability, quality, performance, and location of each production line and asset. FREMONT, CA: In a pursuit to deliver smart factory capabilities to...

Lookout for These Five Trends In Manufacturing Safety
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IIoT is getting so advanced that most buildings today have several technologies installed in them, all related to integrated safety systems. FREMONT, CA: The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is restructuring how manufacturing enterprises...

Want to Know What Are The Top Tech Developments in Safety Industry
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Technologies such as artificial intelligence, eLearning, machine Learning, IoT, and wearable are swiftly influencing the field of safety industry with new developments. FREMONT, CA: Whether one is a factory employee or a nurse with...

IoT and Preventive Analytics on the Shop Floor
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Eric Kierstead, Chief Information Officer, Material Handling Systems, Inc.

Could you walk me through some of the things that you are working on right now at the company? We have several IOT initiatives here. MHS manufactures and integrates a wide array of material handling equipment—conveyors, chutes, sorters,...

The Factory of the Future is a Thing of the Past
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Steven L. Blue, President, CEO & Director of Miller Ingenuity

I keynote speak at manufacturing conferences all over the world. These days, the agendas in these conferences all look the same. Smart manufacturing. Connected manufacturing. Internet of things manufacturing. Industry 4.0. Blah, blah, blah....

4 Ways Real-Time Monitoring Can Improve Medical Device Manufacturing
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Real-time monitoring will increase productivity, improve customer service and will provide end-to-end visibility across production sectors. FREMONT, CA: Most of the medical device manufacturers will rely on artificial intelligence, real-time...
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