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Understanding Value in Additive Manufacturing
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Scott DeFelice, CEO & Chairman of the Board, Oxford Performance Materials, Inc.

Additive manufacturing has been hailed as a world changing technology that in time will be ubiquitous and alter the way we make things and live. Futurists, technologists and self-proclaimed evangelists have all proclaimed this impending...

The 7 Warehouse Service Offerings
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Joe Lynch , General Manager, Rock Solid Business Solutions

For many years, I ignored warehouses. I drove by them and I was vaguely aware that they existed, but that was the extent of my knowledge. If I had an opinion, it would have been that warehousing is a low tech, commodity business. I was so...

Success with Social Sustainability
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Billy Ingram, Director, Lean Product Development, Interface

Social Sustainability Sustainability has three distinct parts which are social, economic and environmental, but the social aspect is the one which is the least used and most overlooked because it is the least understood. Most professionals...

Integrated Quality Systems Requires Integrated Technology
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Donovan Hardenbrook, Director, Global Quality Management Systems, Littelfuse [NASDAQ:LFUS]

By 2018, over 1.5 million organizations will have transitioned to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard. In today’s highly competitive world, being certified to ISO 9001 not only makes business sense but is a requirement for doing business on a...

The EAM chain reaction: Four asset management benefits beyond the revenue cycle
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Patrick Zirnhelt, VP of Energy & Asset Management, North America, IFS

Organizations are under increasing scrutiny to ensure processes are compliant, safe and sustainable, this can be a challenge to meet. Enterprise asset management (EAM) is more than a glorified maintenance management system. It’s come into...

The Triple Bottom Line
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Billy Ingram, Director of Lean Product Development, Interface [NASDAQ: TILE]

People are the priority for the triple bottom a new method for engaging with stakeholders to improve social responsibility performance. The term ‘triple bottom line’, people, planet, and profit, was brought forth as an idea two...

Industry 4.0 in a Highly-Regulated Medical Device Factory
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Srivats Ramaswami, CTO, 42Q

A recent study by Automation Alley found that 85 percent of national manufacturing executives said their company plans to increase budgets for Industry 4.0 technological advancements, including investments in cloud technology, Industrial Internet...

Addressing Quality Assurance Requirements
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Francis Louis Charbonneau Jr., President and CEO, ACI-Aerospace Consultants International

Over the last several months, suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers that support the hardware and software needs of the U.S. Department of Defense have been scrambling to replace current contracts that are ending or will end. As the U.S. begins to...

North American Coating Laboratories (NACL): Vision Meets the Future of Optical Coatings
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Brian Wilson, CEO

Offering vacuum-applied coatings for both plastic and glass components and dipapplied hard coatings, which add capabilities such as scratch resistance for plastics

Sun Coating Company: Proactive Solutions to Every Demand
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Andrew Tate, Production Manager

Sun Coating is dedicated to providing leading industrial coating solutions to today’s industries

MES: Engineering Supply Chain Excellence
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Hiten Shah, President & CEO

MES is a full-service provider of global manufacturing and supply chain management services and custom engineered solutions

42Q: Instant IoT for Digital Factory Transformation
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Srivats Ramaswami, CTO

The company fosters digital factory transformation by leveraging ‘Instant’ IoT with a cloud-based MES

E.M.M.A. International Consulting Group, Inc.: Quality and Compliance Simplified
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Carmine Jabri, President & CEO

A one stop shop for client’s quality, regulatory, and compliance needs

42Q: Simplifying Shop Floor Automation through Cloud-based MES
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Bob Eulau, CEO

Delivering scalable, flexible and easy to implement MES combining multiple IT components into a single, optimized cloud solution

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