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Learn to Use ERP in Lean Manufacturing Environments
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With a little know-how and effort, businesses can actively combat sources of unnecessary waste by using ERP software and eliminating outdated processes. FREMONT, CA: Lean manufacturing originated in Japan and popularized worldwide for...

The Hidden Gem in Supply Chain Planning
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Stijn Sweere, Supply Chain Entrepreneur, former Global Supply Chain Director at International Flavors & Fragrances

One could argue, that from a cost perspective roles like Production, Transportation, Ingredients planners, Customer service representatives and so on make up less than 1% of sales, so efforts to reduce non-value added activities should be focused...

Future Proofing Business with Intentional Technology
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Today's business environment demands new services and capabilities than ever before. Shifts in the business model and evolving technology are changing the landscape across the industries. Such rapid digital transformation requires an...

Applying Lean Manufacturing Principles to Information Security
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Chuck Werner, Lean Program Manager, Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

Information, data and intellectual property may very well be among the most valuable assets to a manufacturer. But all too often, protecting these assets aren’t given that level of priority in day-to-day operations. In a business...

Make Manufacturing Cool Again
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Oliver Perez, EMI Manufacturing Technology Director, BD

Moving out of the Industrial Revolution, the mental image of Manufacturing was a cluttered shop floor with large machines and people in greasy overalls working around them. The machine production replaced craftsmanship and large factories were...

Can You Manufacture Quality Lifescience Products Without Mes? The Case For Mes In Fda Regulated Industries
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Daniel R. Matlis, President, Axendia

Life-Science companies have been implementing manufacturing information systems for over 30 years. These systems were often part of automated manufacturing initiatives aimed at increasing product quality and lowering manufacturing costs. For many...

How Plant Managers are Pivotal in an Effective Lean Process Concept Implementation
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Massimo Risi, VP, Global Head of Lean Manufacturing, VS&E–MAYCO

Many years ago I was a young Plant Manager in a huge Production facility in south of Italy, belonging to a well-known OEM. At that time the Company had decided to start a journey towards Lean Manufacturing and a Japanese University Professor, a...

BPM in Manufacturing - A Gap Analysis
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Patrick Weber, Owner and Principal Consultant, Integrated Automation Consulting

Business Process Management (BPM) is a natural fit in manufacturing, yet many organizations remain unaware of the benefits BPM technology can provide. Three forces will drive the adoption of BPM in manufacturing: the lack of skilled workers will...

Digital Thread: Creating A Self-Improving, Brilliant Factory
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Christine Furstoss, Global Technology Director, GE Global Research

Innovative manufacturing processes and manufacturing execution systems have transformed the plant floor over time. Rapidly however, technology is reaching a tipping point where new advancements and improvements will come from the machines and...

Integrale Consulting: Machine Vision meets Smart Manufacturing
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Julio García Sánchez, General Director

Integrale Consulting exhibits full commitment toward its clients, right from the top management to the ground level executive. With a 45-year experience in ‘root cause investigation,’ PCAs proposal and problem-solving activities, Integrale...

eFlex Systems: Improving Manufacturing Productivity
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Dan McKiernan, President

Provides lean manufacturing tools and software to achieve flexibility with highly optimization solutions

E.M.M.A. International Consulting Group, Inc.: Quality and Compliance Simplified
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Carmine Jabri, President & CEO

A one stop shop for client’s quality, regulatory, and compliance needs

Tutelar Technologies: Real-Time Artificial Intelligence and IIoT for the Plant Floor
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Edward Dickson, President & CEO

Total plant floor integration of equipment and manpower systems, creating an intelligent manufacturing system

Wisdom from the Floor Up
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Chuck Rikli, Vice President Global Quality, Welbilt Inc

I’ve been in manufacturing for over forty years now. Mostly automotive, but for the last 14 years: in white goods and restaurant equipment. I’ve been a plant manager making truck transmissions, Quality Director, head of Lean...

5 Significant Lean Manufacturing Principles
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Although many lean manufacturing principles make up the school of thought, much of the influence for this system is enclosed in a few primary concepts including recognizing the value stream, striving for perfection, and more. FREMONT, CA: Lean...