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AI in Machine Vision
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Salil Shukla, Sr. Vision Development Engineer, TENNECO

Machine vision systems are deployed in manufacturing to inspect a wide variety of components, guide robots and perform measurement tasks. However, can they reliably do these checks when the lighting is not consistent, or the parts are not...

The Power of Autonomous Mobile Manipulation is Just Around the Corner
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Norm Williams, Director of Robotics, Omron Automation- Americas

Thanks to technological progress, the feasibility of autonomous mobile manipulation in real-world applications is no longer just a pipe dream. Today, mobile robots zip across distribution and logistics centers to deliver items without colliding...

PICVISA Unveils New Face of ECOPACK Equipment
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Luis Seguí Pascual, Managing Director

The company has introduced several improvements in the equipment to make it more specific and a better tool. FREMONT, CA: PICVISA is a company that provides industrial solutions based on image processing and machine vision to the national and...

The role of Machine Vision in manufacturing
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Mark Williamson, Managing Director, STEMMER IMAGING

Machine vision already makes an important contribution to the manufacturing sector, primarily by providing automated inspection capabilities as part of QC procedures. However, the world of automation is becoming increasingly complex. Industry 4.0,...

Machine Vision Technologies are Mushrooming in the Market
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The new technologies of machine vision will help industries to grow easily and smartly, and will navigate the work through smart hands of devices. FREMONT, CA: In the present scenario machine vision plays a central role in the world of...

ScanCAD Releases Upgraded Core Software, 8.80
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William F. Loving, CEO & President

The recently released ScanCAD core software release, 8.80 enables an innovatively new, totally redesigned user experience by providing an intuitive, simple and efficient interface regardless of the work flow. FREMONT, CA: The 8.80 is...

It's Watching What You Eat: Machine Vision and The Future of Consumer Products Manufacturing
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Mark Osborn, VP, Strategy and Business Planning, SAP

The cameras are watching. Everywhere. All the time. I’m not referring to the streets and subways of London, Shanghai or New York, though. Rather, this new reality applies to the cameras enabled with machine vision capabilities that are...

CV-based Developments Revolutionizing the World
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Inspired by the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision (CV) has marked a new epoch in the field of data visualization. Conceptualizing artificial cognition CV-based computers systems not only visualize real-time data, but also...

CIO at the Crossroads of Technology and Business
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Walter Yosafat, SVP & Global CIO, Wyndham Worldwide [NYSE:WYN]

Today, the role of a CIO has greatly evolved, where the CIO is no longer confined to mastering technology, but is expected to be a true business leader. A typical CIO has to tackle challenges in product experience, market growth, and play a...

The Machines will Stumble
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Jason Arbon, Founder & CEO, AppDiff

The popular meme of today is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon automate you out of a job, and even destroy humanity. This sounds plausible as our devices and software systems seem to be getting smarter every day. But, there is one thing...

How Global Brands Create Insanely Great Customer Experiences
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Mark Wang, Chief Data Scientist, Alorica

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to predict when and how customers will be delighted, or which ones will churn? From online streaming services to social media platforms, some of the most successful companies have figured out how to do it...

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Agile
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Philip Lew, CEO, XBOSoft

Software development is relatively new when compared to plumbing or electricity. We don’t have standard wire and pipe sizes or handbooks telling us how to “unclog” or “rewire” our testing problems, nor do we have...

Moving Towards a More Agile and Outcomes Based Model
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Raiford Smith, Vice President, Energy Technology and Analytics, Entergy

Changes in IT Operating Model Entergy has changed our operating model from plan-build-run to more of a hybrid that allows service delivery managers and their teams to make decisions quickly about projects, technologies and investments in their...

Harnessing the IoT to Drive Digital Transformation
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Cara Sloman, Executive Vice President, Nadel Phelan, Inc.

The internet of things (IoT) represents an evolution in the ability to gather data and turn its insights into exciting opportunities for transformative business growth. Currently, IT-focused projects, including data center management, surveillance...

Gear Up for the Future of Intelligent Robotics
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David Bruemmer, CEO and Cofounder, 5D Robotics Inc

Within a few years the prevalence of intelligent mobility will change dramatically. Many technology companies and automotive manufacturers are ramping up their efforts to develop self-driving cars. However, in order to merge manned and autonomous...

Technology Infrastructure's Hidden Agenda-Data and Connectivity
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Claudia Infante, Sr. Director, Revenue & Distribution Strategy-Hotels & Casinos, Hard Rock International

When was the last time you witnessed the launch of a NEW technology product? I mean new as in you’d never seen anything like it before. Think really hard about it; odds are, you haven’t, at least in the last 2-3 years and definitely...

Photoneo will soon launch 3D machine vision innovation at Automate 2019
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Photoneo has announced to release its latest machine vision innovations and three-dimensional scanners at Automate 2019. The new release includes a web application called Bin Picking Studio, which is a software used to automate the bin picking...

Sualab will introduce the advanced machine vision update at Automate 2019
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Sualab will soon launch the updated version of SuaKit software at Automate 2019. SuaKit is a software library system, which is a machine vision application compliant, working on the principles of deep learning. This product will incorporate the...

Significance of Computer Vision across Industries
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Computer vision is growing at a rapid pace, and it is expected that the market for computer vision will reach more than $26 billion by the end of 2025. Computer vision depicts the capability of a machine to analyze visual information and derive...

Making Marketing more Personal
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The TV industry has experienced a considerable decrease in the number of ads spent over the last few years as marketing budgets have shifted towards online advertising. This decrease is driven by some factors; the reduction of subscriber growth is...