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What Future Holds for IoT, Cloud, and AI
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Many new technologies have surfaced over the years that have made their marks on information technology (IT) services. Technologies like IoT, Cloud computing, and artificial intelligence have changed the way organizations work in their day-to-day...

"Is IoT the Next App Store?"
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Scott A. Snyder, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.

It is hard to think about the current wave of digital innovation and empowered end-users without thinking about apps. Despite the app store concept in its current form really only taking root in 2008 with the launch of Apple’s App Store for...

Delivering Intelligent Automation with BPM
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Nathaniel Palmer, Director, Solution Architecture, Serco

Today automation has become a priority for every industry, arguably as much as it once was for the manufacturing sector. Cost-cutters love it. Workers fear it. Yet, for most in the business process arena it has long been anathema—something...

MAJiK Systems: Instant Plant Data. Real-Time Decisions
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Jared Evans, Product Manager & Co-founder

MAJiK System’s MES enables customers to monitor, analyze, and optimize their equipment, processes, and production and make informed decisions

Cloud Logistics: Enhancing Supply Chain with the Power of the Cloud
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Mark Nix, CEO

Provides cloud-based logistics solution with inbound and outbound inventory movement and reporting

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