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Revolutionizing Industrial Mining through Smart Tools
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Jeff Bauserman, VP-Information Systems & Technology, Alpha Natural Resources

How has your IT operating model changed during the last five years in Metals and Mining industry?   Alpha Natural Resources began as a “roll-up” company with three initial acquisitions of existing coal assets in 2002-2003. An...

How Business Process Automation is Humanizing the Workforce
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Greg Ryan, VP, Corporate Planning Division, Canon Information and Imaging Solutions

The road to efficiency may seem long and winding, but businesses are realizing they can no longer afford to operate with complicated, disjointed systems. Like any improvement project, business process automation (BPA) projects can seem...

Ever-Changing Landscape of ERP
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Jeff Wagaman, VP, Enterprise Solutions & Executive CIO, Smiths Medical [LON:SMIN]

The Upswing of Cloud Cloud computing will play a significant role over the next 5-10 years for the companies that have deployed an ERP. Both SAP and Oracle have openly stated their strategic direction is to focus on Cloud. R&D investment...

Real Time Feedback Technology Will Make A Difference
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Brian R. Lurie, VP & CIO, Gardner Denver Inc.

Challenges in Technology in Manufacturing Sector and its Solutions One of my biggest challenges is the continuing existence of legacy ERP systems and looking for the holy grail of trying to combine those into a single instance. While it’s...

Leading2Lean: Ushering a New Era in Manufacturing
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Keith Barr, President & CEO

Offers a cloud-based Lean Execution System (LES)—CloudDISPATCH—that provides visible real-time data on manufacturing activities, abnormalities, and production metrics to manufacturers across all verticals

AVATA: Strategize. Execute. Achieve.
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Duane Hardacre, Managing Partner

Provides consulting as well as Oracle implementation services to enable supply chain organizations become agile and profitable

BC Systems: Dynamic Browser-Based ERP Solutions
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Don Waters President

Specializes in browser-based ERP solutions and progressive technology consulting

Ultriva: Promoting Demand Driven Manufacturing Model
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Narayan Laksham, Founder & CEO

Promotes customer demand driven replenishment system over forecast driven model in manufacturing with cloud-based collaborative supply chain solutions

The Vested Group: Empowering Manufacturers through Cloud Technology
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Joel Patterson, Founder & Managing Director

The Vested Group and NetSuite provide manufacturers with the software needed to run a modern manufacturing operation

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