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How do Enterprise's Benefit from the Cloud?
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One notable advantage of switching to the cloud is the subscription-based pricing model. The model gives the customer an option to make a substantial upfront investment by choosing whether to revamp the contract after the initial term....

Is Your Legacy Mainframe Ready for Retirement?
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Andrew Meyer, Healthcare IT Expert, PA Consulting Group

Seven Strategies to Ensure a Smooth Transition Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms have been gaining higher levels of adoption and investment across all industries–from healthcare to financial services. When successful, transitioning...

Unleashing the Potential of Fintech
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Todd Nelson, SVP Strategic Partnerships Mike Petanovitch, Head of Technology, LightStream

What are the current market trends you see shaping the fintech space? We at LightStream continue to see opportunities for partnerships between fintech companies and banks—all with an eye on providing better products for the consumer....

Asset Management in Utility Organizations
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Milind Nazare, Vice President Operations & Delivery, Avertra Corp

Assets are the lifeblood of the utilities industry. Power and Gas stations, Distribution and Transmission Lines, Storage Wells, Generation Plants, Exploration, and the list goes on. Apart from gas, water, electric and waste carrying assets, there...

Leveraging the Data from IoT
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Mike Shemancik, CIO, ABT Power Management

There is a lot of hype and excitement about the “Internet of Things” and the promise it brings around collecting and triangulating data from whatever array of sensors and devices are applicable to your business. The technical and...

CIO Driven Collaboration
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John Miller, VP-IT, American Textile Company

We IT professionals are in a unique situation. Sometimes, we fill the role of “Lightening Rod of Hate”. After all, we are the ones that say “No, you cannot have a new iPhone 6.” However, we have access to all of the data...

The Future Of Robotics in Surgery
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Roger Smith, PhD, CTO, Florida Hospital Nicholson Center

Robots entered the operating room around 2000 in the USA following several successful research projects sponsored by DARPA. Since that time, Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci machine has become the dominant player in robotic surgery with over...

How CIOs Can Benefit from Innovations in 3D Printing?
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Following the first step to encourage creative and innovative thinking—not just within IT department, but across the company, one way to unleash the creativity is to make investments. FREMONT, CA: For industries like manufacturing, there...

Don't View Big Data as a Silver Bullet
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Bill Theisinger, VP-Engineering, YP

If companies learned anything about Big Data this year, it’s that it is not a panacea. It’s a complex ecosystem unto itself, the value of which derives from its integration with all of an organization’s other operations....

Cloud Computing Emerges as the Perfect Architecture
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John Oldham, CEO, AirVault

The aircraft maintenance operations for the world’s top airlines has changed dramatically in recent years from an internal airline-owned operation, to an airline-managed global supply chain of vendors, MROs (Maintenance Repair &...

The Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Industry
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AI facilitates to surmount many internal challenges, which have been around in the industry. The complexities range from skill shortage to complexity in decision making and issues related to information overload and integration. FREMONT, CA:...

How CIOs Can Improve Employee Output With Automation
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Several industries are combining automation and new technologies into their operations; the results have been promising. FREMONT, CA: When the work will be done in less time, it will reduce efforts and will increase productivity. Automation can...

Suppliers of Information for Industry 4.0: Three Steps to Leveraging the Power of Your Data
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Ron Stuver, Director, Business Consulting, SICK

At the foundation of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) – or the Fourth Industrial Revolution – is data and connectivity. I4.0 is not a technology, but rather, a concept of how automation can be better utilized to help companies achieve...

Industry 4.0: From preventive to predictive maintenance
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Rahul Shira, Senior Marketing Manager, Signify

The power to anticipate and resolve problems before they occur Industry 4.0 is upon us: A manufacturing regime characterized by smart production systems powered by data and artificial intelligence, and putting to work such transformational...

Digital Signage: An Industry Reborn
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Mike Gamaroff, SVP of Channel Strategy, SITO Mobile

Outdoor Advertising is the oldest advertising medium. It’s been around for this long because of the perfect marriage of simplicity and effectiveness. It was easy to install and required no electronic or mechanical parts, yet it would have...

How To Buy Great Digital Signage
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Frank Kenna, CEO, Marlin Company

More and more managers are realizing that there must be a good way of communicating to all employees across their enterprise using visual digital technology. And they’re right, there is. Over the last 5-6 years the use of flat display...

IoT Technology is Shaping Businesses for the Future Challenges
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IoT devices record and share data to provide insights into the processes, boost efficiency, and allow companies to make optimal decisions. FREMONT, CA: Data and technology have become a lifeline that is impacting industries as well as...

IoT Technology is Shaping Businesses for the Future Challenges
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IoT devices record and share data to provide insights into the processes, boost efficiency, and allow companies to make optimal decisions. FREMONT, CA: Data and technology have become a lifeline that is impacting industries as well as everyday...

Dynamic and Agile Environments for Learning
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Brian Fodrey, CIO, Stevenson University

Introduction The value in working with EdTech startups is as powerful as ever given that technology is increasingly becoming more portable and the marketplace competitive. Similar to a successful startup, organizations are constantly striving...

Top 4 Revolutionizing Tech Trends Uncovering the Future of Manufacturing
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It is time for businesses to evaluate the opportunities and solutions that are available to build an entirely digitized manufacturing floor. Companies across the industry are investing in technologies to improve their capabilities and speed to...