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IoT Platforms: What Are They and Do You Need One?
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Tekin Gülşen, CIO, IT Director, Brisa Bridgestone Sabancı

In the era of digitalization, as the number of connected devices increases exponentially, we need systems and platforms to store and process all this information which ties into the “Big Data” concept. More and more technology...

An insight in ECC data issues impacting Financial Results
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Eric Brink, CEO, ERPmenu

Introduction In the day and age of Big data and Business Intelligence (BI) one thing stays the same; data quality, which is a pre-requisite for good reports and management informations. When the data in your SAP ERP system is inaccurate, any...

Technology in Textiles-Bedding
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Brian Parnes, CIO, Down Lite International

Technology in the textile industry, specifically bedding, ranges from outdated equipment on a production floor to state of the art automated lines, home-grown ERP systems to full-fledged SAP installations. In between all of this are mounds of...

Resources, People, and Innovation: Driving Business Growth in Aerospace and Defense
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Magnus Bjorendahl, VP-Aerospace and Defense, SAP

Regardless of the industry, there are a variety of technological, demographic and economic factors driving an unprecedented era of change for today’s businesses. The “always on,” hyper-connected customer often uses more...

Building Trusted Partnerships: Key for a Successful Business
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Glenn Pinnel, CIO, Benjamin Moore & Co.

We are in the midst of a digital disruption that is causing business models to change at a faster pace than ever before. The concept of digital business has been on top of almost every business leader's mind for several...

New Features Added to Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Solutions
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Mitchell D Lee, Profit Evangelist

The EPS9 module is updated with new features to enhance the profitability and to improve performance and security. FREMONT, CA: The provider of price management and optimization software for business-to-business companies worldwide, Vendavo,...

Blockchain: Game Changer for Supply Chain Management In Logistics
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FREMONT, CA: The increasing global complexity of supply chain management has forced organizations, which serve as the missing link between the people and their capacity for working together on a scales, to look at technology as their silver...

Deploying In-Memory Capabilities to Meet Tomorrow's Challenges
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Benjamin Beberness, CIO, Snohomish County PUD

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs and expectations The biggest challenges are how to leverage the cloud, build the trust factor for the cloud, secure the cloud, cloud providers to be available when required and also for...

Building a Future-Proof ERP Platform
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Jorge Frausto, SVP-Enterprise Systems, GE Power

Cloud Computing For the ERP Cloud computing is the future of ERP. Not only can it cut the cost of running the infrastructure significantly, it can also help drive the standardization agenda, which is so critical in making an ERP roll out...

Blockchain's Impact on the Future of Supply Chain
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Global supply chain processes are complex and time-consuming. Various companies work together to achieve a common goal, bringing something from one place to another. Partners must trust each other if a supply chain is to work. In order...

IoT in Manufacturing: A Newer Perspective
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The manufacturing industry is consistently showing drastic improvements in the market by implementing various technology applications like IoT in its processes. The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to see a booming development in its...

Technology Transforming Manufacturing
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Matt Meier, VP and CIO - North America, Whirlpool Corporation

The evolving landscape of information technology is changing the business of appliance manufacturing. Industry has begun to shift its focus - we are no longer simply making and selling durable goods, but enabling digital consumer experiences....

Manufacturing Top 5 Wish List from IT
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Joe Panebianco, Director of Manufacturing Engineering, Tekni-Plex Inc

I have been in and around manufacturing companies for nearly 25 years. Over that time we have seen an unprecedented need to compete in a global marketplace. Being able to control and reduce costs in a global marketplace isn’t about getting...

"Is IoT the Next App Store?"
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Scott A. Snyder, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.

It is hard to think about the current wave of digital innovation and empowered end-users without thinking about apps. Despite the app store concept in its current form really only taking root in 2008 with the launch of Apple’s App Store for...

Turning Constant Change into Business Opportunity: The Role of IT in the Modern Day Supply Chain
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Neil Hampshire, SVP & CIO, ModusLink

When Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus now-famously noted that, “change is the only constant in life,” he couldn’t have possibly known how much that statement would resonate thousands of years later. Some may argue that...

Ever-Changing Landscape of ERP
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Jeff Wagaman, VP, Enterprise Solutions & Executive CIO, Smiths Medical [LON:SMIN]

The Upswing of Cloud Cloud computing will play a significant role over the next 5-10 years for the companies that have deployed an ERP. Both SAP and Oracle have openly stated their strategic direction is to focus on Cloud. R&D investment...

Digital Transformation, Disruption and New Business Models - HO HUM!!! Don't forget the customer!
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Larry Stolle, Global Automotive Marketing Director, SAP

The automotive industry from manufacturers, suppliers and sales and service organizations have been talking about digital transformation, new business models for several years, all driven by the pervasive and still growing power of sensors, the...

IoT Implementation in Manufacturing All Set to Grow Exponentially by 2020
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FREMONT, CA: With organizations inclining more towards adoption of IoT solutions for smart manufacturing along with improved security and reliability, the Internet of Things (IoT) in global manufacturing market size is expected to grow from...

Innovation Initiatives for Better Manufacturing Management
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Sharon Kaiser CIO and Director of IT, New England Biolabs, Inc.

The Digital Transformation New England Biolabs (NEB) was founded in the mid-1970s and is one of the oldest biotech companies in the world. It was founded by scientists and is committed to developing innovative products for the life sciences...

Real Time Feedback Technology Will Make A Difference
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Brian R. Lurie, VP & CIO, Gardner Denver Inc.

Challenges in Technology in Manufacturing Sector and its Solutions One of my biggest challenges is the continuing existence of legacy ERP systems and looking for the holy grail of trying to combine those into a single instance. While it’s...
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