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AGR: Creating an Environment for Success in Implementing Integrated Enterprise Business Solutions
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Randy Muns, President & CEO

Cutting-edge technology to solve the most complex business challenges across multiple industries

BC Systems: Dynamic Browser-Based ERP Solutions
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Don Waters President

Specializes in browser-based ERP solutions and progressive technology consulting

Sita Corp: Bringing Visibility to Performance on the Shop Floor
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Rom L. Reddy, President & CEO

Providing enterprise data, analytics, and mobile communications solutions to connect people in real-time for fast information transfer

FORCAM: Enhancing Shop Floor Management with IIoT
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Franz Eduard Gruber, Founder & CEO

FORCAM is a global technology partner to discrete manufacturing companies providing a unified approach for sustained manufacturing excellence across all operations

Ultriva: Promoting Demand Driven Manufacturing Model
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Narayan Laksham, Founder & CEO

Promotes customer demand driven replenishment system over forecast driven model in manufacturing with cloud-based collaborative supply chain solutions

NEORIS: Smart Manufacturing Solutions for Global Enterprises
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Claudio Laterreur, VP, Manufacturing & ERP Practice

Provider of consulting services for SAP implementations and Application outsourcing.

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