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Finding the Right IoT Target
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Billy Ingram, Director of Lean Product Development, Interface

The application of industrial IoT is only as good as the opportunity it serves. We are witnesses of technological marvels that our predecessors would struggle to comprehend. History is also full of examples of the short sighted and dangerous use...

Getting Quality Results through Lean and Six Sigma Manufacturing
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Lean or Lean manufacturing refers to the principles and methods of the Toyota Production System. Lean methods focus on the systematic identification and elimination of non-value added activity. Six Sigma was developed by Motorola, which refers to...

Success with Social Sustainability
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Billy Ingram, Director, Lean Product Development, Interface

Social Sustainability Sustainability has three distinct parts which are social, economic and environmental, but the social aspect is the one which is the least used and most overlooked because it is the least understood. Most professionals...

The Triple Bottom Line
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Billy Ingram, Director of Lean Product Development, Interface [NASDAQ: TILE]

People are the priority for the triple bottom a new method for engaging with stakeholders to improve social responsibility performance. The term ‘triple bottom line’, people, planet, and profit, was brought forth as an idea two...

The Pros and Cons of Local and Global Sourcing
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Steve Ilmrud, VP, Operations, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Advancements in telecommunications, transportation and business systems have made the world smaller, more connected, and readily accessible to companies seeking to expand their businesses beyond their local areas. While this smaller world makes it...

How we are currently implementing LSS in value streams isn't working
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Larry Hamilton, Sr. Director Global Lean Six Sigma, Jabil

Lean and Six Sigma are all the rage in business. Companies from all different sectors are attempting to implement the tools and systems of the Toyota Production System in various forms. Sensei’s and black belts are running around as internal...

Enhancing the Supply Chain Function via Continuous Improvement
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Aubrey Jones, Sr. Director Continuous Improvement Deployment, Ingredion Incorporated [NYSE: INGR]

In business, there are three main reasons organizations engage in continuous improvement activities. They are: • To realize financial benefits • Increase customer satisfaction • Improve employee satisfaction. (Safety and...

Manufacturing with a Service Heart
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Mel Kirk, SVP & CIO, Ryder System [NYSE:R]

In 1996, I joined financial services company GE Capital Services (GEC) in a Master Black Belt role, helping implement Lean Six Sigma practices. For 10 years prior to that, I had been building a career in manufacturing and operations leadership....

The Age of Average is Over
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John McGee, Director, North America Operational Excellence, BASF

One of the biggest threats to manufacturing prosperity U.S. companies face today is talent. As the global economy grows and manufacturing evolves into Industry 4.0, the American workforce must have the skills and capabilities to thrive, not just...

The Most Practical Path to Growth
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Billy Ingram, Director of Lean Product Development, Interface

In the last few decades the word sustainability has been used a lot. Completing a quick internet search will generate an overwhelming amount of information. There are many nuggets to glean from this material and twice as many opinions on how to...

BPM in Manufacturing - A Gap Analysis
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Patrick Weber, Owner and Principal Consultant, Integrated Automation Consulting

Business Process Management (BPM) is a natural fit in manufacturing, yet many organizations remain unaware of the benefits BPM technology can provide. Three forces will drive the adoption of BPM in manufacturing: the lack of skilled workers will...

E.M.M.A. International Consulting Group, Inc.: Quality and Compliance Simplified
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Carmine Jabri, President & CEO

A one stop shop for client’s quality, regulatory, and compliance needs

Value Innovation Partners: Driving Continuous Improvement through Measurable Success
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Patrick Lucansky, Executive Director

Specializes in Lean and Six Sigma practices that help companies to achieve continuous improvement and process excellence

Tutelar Technologies: Real-Time Artificial Intelligence and IIoT for the Plant Floor
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Edward Dickson, President & CEO

Total plant floor integration of equipment and manpower systems, creating an intelligent manufacturing system

Jabil [NYSE: JBL]: Advanced Lean Processes Improving Manufacturing Efficiency
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Walter Garvin, VP, Global Lean Six Sigma

Design and Manufacturing solutions provider

CGN Global: TADA-Revealing the Invisible
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Seshadri Guha, Founder

Revealing the invisible within supply chain operations that decreases costs and increases profit

Barry-Wehmiller International: Easing the Manufacturing Processes from Raw Materials to Products
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William Fricks, Managing Partner

Providing enterprise, engineering and technology solutions to manufacturers

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